Stratos Revolving Lounge and Bar

A bar with some amazing vistas


Despite being a sprawling metropolis with different districts and islands, Abu Dhabi can sometimes feel small.

But maybe that’s just because we’re so familiar with it.

There’s no denying the capital is actually a big city but sometimes you can forget the sheer size of the place when you’re cruising down the highway, with a podcast on, on the way to a business meeting.

When you step inside Stratos and take in the spectacular view of downtown Abu Dhabi from 26 storeys up, you’re suddenly reminded how vibrant our great city is and how vast.

It’s a people-watcher’s dream, we see you man on a bike cycling the wrong way through traffic and  hello shopkeeper sweeping his store front. We could spend all day looking down on the city.

It almost seems like we have as the sun sets over Abu Dhabi and the city starts to light up, projecting into the night’s sky as far as the eye can see. The venue is classy but casual, it feels like a swanky hotel but you’ll be forgiven for leaving the suit jacket and ballgown at home when you visit. We soon settle into some comfortable couches by the window with some drinks.

Being a Tuesday night, it’s happy hour so drinks and bar bites are 50 percent off, which suits us well.

There’s something hypnotic about the vistas and we find ourselves staring out the window instead of making conversation.

Not to worry, the venue is comfortable, the drinks free flowing and cheap and the views, those views. Did we mention the views? They’re spectacular.

It’s one to add to the to-do list for a night out in the city.

A bar with some amazing vistas

For drink deals and the perfect perch for people watching


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