The Scene

A relaxed British gastropub

The Scene
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You can usually find us in one of the many lively bars on Yas Marina at the weekend.

Because if you’re looking for a fun crowd, party vibes and venues offering great music until the early hours, there are few better places to go in Abu Dhabi.

Today we’re here for some relaxed early evening drinks at British-inspired bar The Scene by Simon Rimmer, before we move directly next door for some riotous dancing at Mr Miyagi’s.

We’re in the mood for a classy beverage ahead of the plastic buckets of mixed drinks awaiting us, so we’re thrilled to see that the self-proclaimed ‘longest happy hour in Abu Dhabi’ is still running. Juniper beverage mixed drinks are included too, so we order a couple each (we know how to make the most of an offer), and take a seat at one of the garden-style picnic tables.

The drinks arrive quickly, and decorated with a fruity garnish they certainly look very pretty, too.

The whole place is designed to look like a very stylish potting shed, and it works remarkably well.

The walls are made from wooden crates, the picnic benches and booths are divided by long plant pots, and the ceiling is covered in trailing vines and cute white fairy lights.

In a city where most bars try to look as flashy as possible, it’s quite refreshing to be sitting on a simple wooden plank.

The crowd around us is a mix of people clearly just starting off on a big night out, couples on a date night and even a few families who are still tucking into some of the plates of classic pub grub like fish and chips, burgers, chicken tikka curry and steak pies.

With regular deals and friendly staff, it’s a super spot for a chilled-out drink.

A relaxed British gastropub

The buy one, get one free happy hour deal


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