Back Yard Bistro

A unique bar-restaurant-nightclub

Back Yard Bistro
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There really isn’t anywhere else like Back Yard Bistro in the city.

Yes, it’s a restaurant bar with a nightclub vibe, and there are plenty of those, but we can’t think of another place that comes close to embracing such a bold theme and sticking to its guns with the eclectic décor.

Don’t believe us? Visit the bathrooms. They’re garage-themed and the petrol pump sink that needs to be operated with your feet shows that they’re not holding back when going all-in on the industrial, Americana, motor-inspired touches. Still can’t picture it? Imagine if you were tasked with making a venue that’s part NASCAR, part Formula One pit-stop and petrol station, all in one. Picture it? Bingo.

The place is reasonably quiet when we arrive on a school night but the big crowds usually come later in the week, and later in the evening, at this popular hangout.

It’s still a little warm in the city at the moment so the outdoor terrace is covered, which is a shame because it masks the impressive view over the city and up to the towering World Trade Center buildings.

The good news is that the happy hour runs up until midnight so there’s plenty of time to grab a drink or two at a good price (hops are from Dhs25).

There’s a pool table and table football, if you’ve got a competitive side, too. The music isn’t to our taste, if we’re being honest, although maybe that’s a sign on age because the younger people in the room seem to be enjoying it.

With a downtown location and good prices on drinks, it’s one for the hit list, especially if you have guests in town who want to go out. Reasonably-priced drinks, bar bites and a central location in the city? That’s a win-win to us.

A unique bar-restaurant-nightclub

To see if you like the music (or not, if you’re old before your time, like us)


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