Blu Sky Lounge & Grill

A modern sports bar with constant happy hour deals

Blu Sky Lounge & Grill
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This sports bar might be themed around Manchester City football team, but you don’t have to be a fan of the club to enjoy a night here. In fact, despite one of us not considering themselves a fan of sports in general, we had a great time at this venue at the Southern Sun.

The dedication to sport isn’t exactly subtle however.

The bar looks like it is encased in half a football, and in the few gaps on the walls which aren’t filled by screens showing sports from around the globe (football and cricket are showing side-by-side for us), there’s revolving images of famous figures from the worlds of golf, cricket, NFL and pretty much every other sport you can imagine. Even the two-tier bowl for our popcorn is shaped like a football (now that’s  real attention to detail).

When we get to the bar we’re thrilled to see that it’s happy hour, but as the drinks offers run from opening until closing at 3am, we realise it’s quite literally impossible to arrive at a time when there isn’t some kind of deal on.

This just makes us love the place even more, and we settle in with a few discounted glasses of grape (Dhs25 each on special).

The staff are super friendly and happy to engage in some ‘bantz’ about their favourite football teams, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and chilled out.

The crowd around us is a mix of couples and friends watching the sport, and we’re quite jealous of the mountainous bowls of nachos that some of them are eating.

We’re tempted to try the vegan Beyond burger that’s just been added to the menu, but tonight we settle for refills of popcorn.

It’s all very good fun.

A modern sports bar with constant happy hour deals

If you want to watch multiple sports at once


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