A nautical-themed bar and restaurant at Yas Marina

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Refusing to accept that the weekend is over, we decide to get suitably glammed up and check out the Saturday ladies’ night at Yas Marina’s Aquarium bar.

The Nautic But Nice (clever) deal includes freeflowing beverages and what is described as a ‘tidbits platter’ for Dhs65, which seems pretty decent to us.

It’s a typically hot summer night, but we’re still desperate to sit outside where we can admire the illuminated Yas Hotel, Yas Marina Circuit and the super yachts just a few metres away.

Luckily, there aren’t that many brave enough to sit outside, and this means that we get our own portable fan each. It’s a lifesaver, and it means that we can enjoy one of the most picturesque spots in the city even when the humidity has reached peak awful.

The offer includes grapes and premium beverages, so we go for some sparkling, and our server is quick to keep us topped up right up until the very minute the deal ends at 11pm.

The music isn’t too loud, which is good as we’re not in the mood to go too wild before work the next day.

Meanwhile, the ‘tidbits’ are far more substantial that we imagined they would be. We get a board each with calamari, chicken skewers, a mini beef slider and quite randomly, some sticks of fresh pineapple.

It’s all pretty good, particularly the calamari, and with four hours of free-flowing drinks coming along with it, you can’t say that it’s not good value.

The inside is a bit smoky, but with fish tanks lining some of the walls, it’s still pretty cool, yet not a patch on the gorgeous terrace.

Aside from the ladies’ deal, there’s everything from mixed drinks to pints and coffee.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Aquarium will sort you out.

A nautical-themed bar and restaurant at Yas Marina

For the Saturday ladies’ night deals and the amazing views from the terrace


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