Slick sports bar in a swanky hotel

Appaloosa Image #2

It’s not often your first thoughts when you enter a sports bar are: “isn’t this place really clean?”, but here we are in Appaloosa marvelling at how new and shiny it looks. Something that’s particularly impressive after being open for a couple of years.

The same can be said for the whole of the Marriott Al Forsan Hotel, which can definitely applaud its staff for keeping the place spick and span.
Moving on from that slightly unusual detour, we’ll get back to why you’re here – to find out if the bar is worth visiting.

In short, yes it is. From the chilled atmosphere, to the regular deals and from the good grub to the many screens showing live sports, there’s much to like about the venue.

It might not look like your typical sports bar – think along the lines of Blu Sky or Sports Café rather than the more traditional likes of Heroes, Cooper’s or Victor’s, but it definitely does what it says on the tin.

As well as showing all kinds of matches from around the world, you can pick up bargains on your drinks. Happy hour offers half-price drinks from opening until 7pm from Saturday to Wednesday, Teachers get 30 percent off the bill at all times and on Thursdays hops are Dhs20 when you buy three between noon and 7pm.

With a fairly standard range of hops on draft and plenty of grape and mixed drinks on the menu, it’s not the most creative of drinks offerings. But there’s always Couture Lounge next door for that kind of thing.

Appaloosa is great for a catch up with mates over a drink or two, while you watch whatever big tournament is on at the moment, and that suits us just fine. Give it a try yourself.


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