Smokin’ Pineapple

A young and trendy beach bar on Zaya Nurai Island

Smokin’ Pineapple

If you ever find yourself wandering onto the wooden decking of Smokin’ Pineapple bar, it’s a safe bet that you’ll already be having the time of your life. And that’s before you take a seat on one of the patterned cushions or wooden deckchairs.

The tropical beach bar is found on the utterly pristine island of Zaya Nurai, and it’s impossible to be anything but blissfully happy here. From the moment you step off the boat (that’s right, you get here by taking a speedy 12-minute transfer from Saadiyat Island), and take in the lush greenery and clear seas surrounding you, it’s obvious you’re in for a very special day.

Everything at this exclusive resort is pretty and stylish, and as you whizz along on a golf buggy to the other side of the island, where the Smokin’ Pineapple bar has made its home, take in the glamorous white beachside villas, each boasting their own private infinity pool.

You might not be able to stay on the island every weekend, but even just coming here for a drink is an amazing experience.
The bar has it’s own private beach, and it’s known as the most young and lively part of the island resort.

Most daytrippers head here for the Insta-famous wooden swings, which are suspended out over the ocean. On this visit we’re here early and unashamedly head straight over to them to get some gold-standard shots before the crowds descend. It turns out to be a wise move as before long almost every sunbed and spot on the shaded decking area is full, the tunes are pumping out and the party is in full swing.

Most guests here seem to be unable to resist ordering a mixed drink served inside a fresh pineapple, and really, where else would it be more appropriate?

The mixed drinks are pretty pricey, but they don’t cost much more than the ones you’d find in some of the fancy bars in the city.There’s also a huge selection of premium beverages, a modest list of grape and hops, plus a few fresh smoothies and juices.

Meanwhile, the pineapple-shaped pizza oven is kept literally smoking all day as it churns out countless crispy pizzas for the many hungry sunbathers.

It feels like we’re thousands of miles from the capital, and we somehow manage to bag a spot right by the bar’s infinity pool overlooking the blue expanse of the Arabian gulf.

It’s one of those pinch-me moments the island offers.

A young and trendy beach bar on Zaya Nurai Island

Because you really haven’t lived until you’ve been to this incredible resort


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