Cuvee Bar

A swish bar with an exclusive location in Al Bateen

It’s our first visit to the Royal M Hotel, and as we drive through the imposing gates and up the long drive, we’re excited and feeling full of anticipation.

The lobby is as grand and filled with gold as we expected it to be, but what really impresses us is the outdoor area near Cuvee Bar, which is the property’s signature bar and lounge.

An infinity pool stretches out infront of us right to the edge of the Gulf, and it’s scattered with floating cabana beds, each decorated with simple and classy white curtains.

Several beds have been set up with dining tables, and we can make out a few couples enjoying a romantic meal in the middle of the water.

Cuvee Bar also has a poolside outdoor terrace, and a swish interior, too.

We love the bold, printed wallpaper, and comfortable chairs decorated with tassles and bright yellow cushions.

It’s all very well put together and immaculate, and it’s certainly obvious that the place hasn’t been open very long.

The menu contains a huge number of premium beverages, a modest collection of mixed drinks and a good selection of grape.

We choose a glass of moderately priced grape each, and try to work out what has inspired the music, which keeps changing from modern tunes, to classical instrumentals.

Our orders arrive quickly, and we’re perfectly happy sipping our drinks and taking in the pretty scene around us (all the while planning when we can fit in coming here for a pool day).

At one point we think that the speakers have broken, as the music suddenly stops without warning and is replaced by an uncomfortable static noise.

But in fact it’s the beginning of a light and fountain show, and soon the projected image of a couple dancing is looming above us over the pool. We seem to be the only ones looking confused, and after a message is projected into a heart at the end of the show, we realise that a personalised light display is just one of the services that this very extra hotel offers.

It all adds to the enjoyment of the night, and we agree that with such a stunning setting to make use of, this new hotel definitely has big potential.

Cuvee Bar might not be as trendy or revolutionary as its neighbour ANNEX, found just over the road, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

A swish bar with an exclusive location in Al Bateen

To have your other half’s name projected into a heart on a fountain


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