Amerigos Mexican Bar & Restaurant

A Mexican bar with a chilled-out atmosphere

Like most folk in the capital, Yas Island is one of our go-to spots for a night out.

And although it might not have the karaoke or sets from international DJs that some of the island’s other top haunts boast, we’re still very much looking forward to a refreshing Mexican mixed drink on our latest visit to Amerigos.

We’re here on a Sunday ‘Frida Nights’ ladies’ night. This means that the terrace is decked out in tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, with pictures of her most famous works up on big boards.

There’s also a bit of information about Kahlo’s story, and we’re happy to absorb a bit of culture before we go and take a seat.

When we see that our table comes complete with sombrero hats and Frida-style flowery headbands, we can barely contain our excitement.

Then, many Mexican-themed selfies later, we are finally ready to order.

Ladies get free Mexican mixed drinks, which come in a variety of fruity flavours such as lime, passionfruit and strawberry. We go for a few icey glasses of the passionfruit variety, and they go down a treat as we bob along to the tunes from the live band.

The singer is jolly and full of life, encouraging the tables around us to sing along with him.

It’s a fun atmosphere, and the setting by the pool is lovely.

The bar menu also holds an extensive collection of agave-based beverages and classic mixed drinks. The snacks are also excellent, and we finish off a bowl of nachos and guacamole in record time.

It’s a perfect Sunday night out.

A Mexican bar with a chilled-out atmosphere

For the mixed drinks and outdoor area


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