Bentley Kitchen

A classy bar and restaurant on Al Maryah Island

When you find a bar or restaurant you really like here in Abu Dhabi, we recommend making the most of it. Go back time and again and encourage your friends to do the same.

After all, we’ve seen some excellent venues come and go over the years and the old phrase “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” comes to mind.

All of which is a fairly convoluted way of saying we love Bentley Kitchen and are delighted that it’s still delivering the goods on Al Maryah Island, years after it opened. That it’s still busy and doing good things in the kitchen and out front are two more causes for joy.

On this visit we’re not eating, though watching the food coming to the nearby tables makes us wish we were. No, this time we’re sitting at the bar for a digestif after a feast nearby.

One of the things we love about Bentley is its late happy hour. Running from 11pm until 1am, pints are Dhs25 and other drinks are around the same price. Earlier, the same deal runs from 4.30pm until 7pm.

The atmosphere always seems to be good in here, especially as the night draws on, with a buzzing crowd and cool music providing the vibe.

If you prefer al fresco drinks, there are also tables on the promenade outside, though we like the cosiness of the bar area, which also has booths.

Bentley is also a good choice for grape fans, with a good selection by the glass and bottle. Mixed drinks are something of
a speciality, too.

We sit into the small hours, enjoying the cut-price drinks and the general bonhomie, and remind ourselves to come to Bentley more often. We’re glad it’s sticking around.

A classy bar and restaurant on Al Maryah Island

For the cool vibe and late happy hour


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