The Lounge at Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island

Fancy mixed drinks served in a retro-style lounge overlooking Saadiyat Beach

As one of the latest hotels to arrive in Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive area, there’s lots to admire about Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island.

But as well as offering a stretch of pristine beach (where you can often spot dolphins if you keep your eyes peeled) and high-quality restaurants (the ocean views from Italian restaurant Mare Mare really are unbeatable), this stylish hotel also has a very cool rooftop bar.

We’re here for a few after-dinner drinks, and once we’ve finished photographing the lobby (trust us, the aquatic-themed decorations really are worth stopping to admire), we head up to the fifth floor in search of The Lounge. The first thing we notice is how big the bar is. The indoor area seems to stretch on forever, and it continues outside, too.

There are only a few other customers when we arrive, so we have the chance to take our pick of where to sit.

We settle in comfortable chairs at one of the marble-patterned tables by the window, where we can take in the scene of the hotel grounds below us and sparkling waters of the Gulf beyond.

The enormous size of the venue makes it hard for us to imagine that it ever feels busy, but the stylish gold dividers help give it a more intimate feel and a trendy, retro vibe that isn’t too flashy.

We’re immediately intrigued by the menu of ‘Character Drinks’, and the mixed beverage selections turn out to be even more exciting than we imagined.

One is presented in a delicate bird-shaped glass (complete with a peacock feather as a tail), and the other is in a Tiki-style goblet and topped with what looks like a miniature shrub and a few brightly coloured flowers.

While it would be easy to roll our eyes at the over-the-top presentation, we love it really (although the feather on the bird does tickle a bit when we you take a drink). Despite being unashamedly elaborate, the choices aren’t outrageously expensive, either.

However, if they sound a bit too flamboyant for your taste, there’s also a wide selection of more traditional beverages.

Or, if you arrive between 5pm and 8pm, you can get unlimited bar bites and a selected mixed drink for Dhs85.

If you want photogenic mixed drinks and a peaceful and classy place for a catch-up, you should don your fanciest garb and head to The Lounge.

Fancy mixed drinks served in a retro-style lounge overlooking Saadiyat Beach

For the hilarious bird-shaped cocktails and sharing plates


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