Hakkasan Terrace

The outdoor bar and terrace at Hakkasan

Hakkasan Terrace

Heading for a night out at Emirates Palace always makes us feel like we’ve turned into celebrities for the night.

Passing through those grand gates is enough to make even the most modest of people start to feel a little bit self important, and when you know you’re going to for drinks at Hakkasan Terrace, then you have even more reasons to feel very pleased with yourself.

The up-market Chinese restaurant isn’t just a place to gorge on Peking duck pancakes in, it also has a very cool outdoor bar area.

It even has its own entrance at the side of the building, but we’ve come through the main hotel (because looking at all that gold never gets boring) and we arrive by walking through the Oriental-themed restaurant and then along a winding stone path.
The build-up just makes everything feel more more exciting, and when we glimpse the view over the grounds of Emirates
Palace and the towering outline of Etihad Towers beyond, it’s safe to say we’re pretty impressed.

Visitors can take in the views from one of the comfortable cabana beds, or from the bar area, where we take a seat at one of the high tables.

The atmospheric tunes being pumped out by the DJ help set the party vibe, as the smartly dressed bar tenders busy themselves creating a range of Asian-inspired mixed drinks. The names of the beverages are just as creative as the ingredients, with gold sakura, hanami and pearl sky being just a few.

You can also order dim sum (with extra-special fillings such as  gold-leaf lychee and lobster) and small bites like wagyu beef ribs.

Spending just a few hours here is enough to liven up even the most boring of working weeks.

The outdoor bar and terrace at Hakkasan

To relax in your own private cabana and take in some of the best views in the city


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