The Roof Bar @ Turtle Bay

The rooftop bar above Turtle Bay Bar & Grill

Now that we’re used to spending glorious weekends on the beach, bike riding or dining outside in the sunshine, it’s hard to imagine those days when it was too hot and humid to even think of doing such things.

But of course, the winter won’t last forever, so the best we can do is make the most of these amazing months.
One way in which we’re trying to achieve this is by working through all the best roof terraces in the capital, and we have to say that we’ve been to few that are quite as cool as The Roof Bar.

So what if the name isn’t that creative? As we step out from the wooden staircase, we can’t help but marvel at the view.
The open roof is surrounded by a panoramic vista of Saadiyat Beach, the pretty pool and palm trees of Saadiyat Rotana and in the distance, the great expanse of the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

It’s the kind of sight that makes you question why anyone would want to live anywhere else in the world but here.

We’ve rather cleverly arrived at sunset, and the sky around us is turning a brilliant orange as we select our drinks.

There’s a good range of mixed drinks and mocktails (expertly prepared by the skilled bar staff) and a big selection of grape, hops and premium beverages.

We’re tempted by the speciality coffees (there are plenty of highly creative variations) but instead we opt for some fruity mixed drinks.

These turn out to be the perfect sundowners, and we manage to amuse ourselves for quite a while taking a range of token drink-and-view photos.

It’s Friday and although the bar doesn’t open until 5pm, it’s already filling up with a post-brunch crowd (who only need to stagger a short distance from the excellent Market Brunch at Sim Sim) and those who have also come for the sunset.

The combination of the staggeringly gorgeous views, cool drinks and super mix of tunes from the DJ puts ourselves, and everyone around us, in a great mood. Life just seems very good indeed as we gaze out to sea and catch up with friends.

The music isn’t so loud that it gets in the way of conversation, and the classy bar bites include super-green hummus, truffled fries and cauliflower popcorn. Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, you can even get a platter of oysters.

We conclude that we’ve found a new favourite Saadiyat sundower spot, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The rooftop bar above Turtle Bay Bar & Grill

To experience one of the best sunsets in the city, and feel very smug about living in Abu Dhabi


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