Azura Panoramic Lounge

A terrace bar with stunning sunset views

Azura Panoramic Lounge

Sometimes you walk into a venue and just say to yourself “wow”. And that’s exactly what happens when we rock up at Azura.

The St. Regis’ third-floor terrace is split into three areas. The poolside section is very relaxed and great during the day, especially if you can take a dip in the pool. Then there’s a bar area, just up from the water, which is
a bit of a half-way house between chilled and fancy. The latter is what you get on the top deck, which has more of a restaurant vibe, but is in no way stuffy.

Time it right and you’ll be treated to one of the most spectacular sunset views in the city, in a venue that is perched over the Corniche.

We drop in on something of a whim, having been on the promenade as the sun started to set and decided that sundowners   were a good idea. Luckily there’s space for us in a prime seat looking out on the golden sun dipping beyond the horizon.

Service is excllent from the off, with the happy hour menu offered and other options explained. Drinks here aren’t the cheapest ordinarily, as is befitting of such a prestigious location, but the happy hour makes everything much more affordable. Running from 5pm until 8pm every day, there are hops, grape and mixed drinks included.

We’re happy to sit and take in the sights, sounds and general ambience, sipping on a few mocktails while the city lights gradually switch on and the night draws in.

Many people seem to be here for shisha, and there are people dining, too. There are regular food deals and while we’re here it’s a sushi offer (Dhs150 on weeknights for a platter, with starter and dessert) and there’s also a special tapas menu available throughout December and bento lunchboxes available every day starting from Dhs95.

They all make a sophisticated venue a lot more affordable, and it’s great to see even the high-end places in Abu Dhabi making an effort to be more inclusive.

We can’t think of many experiences recently that we’ve enjoyed as much as this one. Watching the cars drive along the Corniche and people taking a stroll along the sands as you think nothing about the time passing by is brilliant, and we can’t believe we don’t come here more regularly. It’s that good.

So, do yourself a favour and book a table here for sundowners one evening and see for yourself. You can thank us later.

A terrace bar with stunning sunset views

To take a seat and chill out for a few hours


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