Roberto’s Lounge & Club

A lounge bar serving fancy cocktails and posh Italian snacks

If you like your bars down-to-earth and simple, the kind of places where you can count the drinks options on two hands and the bar snacks don’t get more inventive than a bag of peanuts, then Roberto’s probably isn’t really for you.

Pretty much every shop and restaurant in The Galleria mall is stylish and flash, and the lounge area at this classy Italian restaurant is no different.

While the dining area is a more sedate environment, perfect for working your way through the lovely menu of antipasti, pizzas and beautifully presented meats and fish, the lounge bar is where you go when it gets to silly o’clock, and you’re still nowhere near ready to go home to bed.

When we arrive at the venue the lights are dim and the DJ is blasting out some cool tunes.

Although there’s nobody dancing, there are plenty of people at the bar and scattered throughout the comfortable booths and raised tables.

For a school night, there’s a lively atmosphere and it seems like nobody around us is keen to call it a night any time soon.

The beverage list is extensive to say the least. The expertly mixed drinks are split into suitably exclusive-sounding sections such as Elite and La Buonna Notte, and it takes a good while for us to choose.

There’s a fine selection of Italian bubbly and sparkling grape, and a strong emphasis on Italian mixed drinks and premium beverages.

Our mixed drinks take a while to prepare, such is the care and attention put into every detail. This trendy bar clearly doesn’t believe in just throwing things together as quickly as possible, and we appreciate the effort.

Even the bar snacks are far above average. We’re handed a bowl of homemade potato chips, but the other, very grown-up small plates include breaded lamb lollipops, wagyu short ribs and aubergine parmigiana.

It’s open until 3am, and we leave planning to return one night when we can boogie until closing.

A lounge bar serving fancy cocktails and posh Italian snacks

To stay up until 3am every night of the week (just try not to think about that 7am alarm)


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