A Mexican venue that gets very lively during the evenings

Although ABU DHABI is full of countless cool bars and nightclubs, there are still a few venues that many of us return to time and time again.

For instance, when we visit Loca on a Wednesday evening, we know that it’s going to be busy. Very busy in fact.

The chilled-out and casual Mexican bar and restaurant is our current Bar of the Year, and there are so many reasons whyit deserves this title.

As we take our seats in the stripped-back, slighty industrial-style bar area (think exposed pipes andlight bulbs), we congratulate ourselves on being smart enough to book a table a good five days in advance.

This was definitely necessary, as even the few tables that aren’t already packed out at 8.30pm have ‘reserved’ signs on them.

With colourful murals covering the walls, a wide terrace overlooking the glittering waters of Al Maryah Island and the most fashionable tunes blasting out, it’s easy to see why this funky bar has achieved legendary status.

On Wednesdays, girls can enjoy unlimited amounts of Mexican mixed drinks. Yet that’s just part of the draw.

We mainly love it for the lively, friendly atmosphere. This is the kind of place where you could arrive alone but easily make friends at the bar.

It’s the type of venue where, totally by accident, you will bump into people you know. After all, if you’re out on a Wednesday, there’s a very good chance you will end up in Loca.

The food is another reason why so many residents are obsessed with this place. We devour a stone bowl of guacamole alarmingy quickly. Prepared at the table, we can choose how hot and spicy we want it. No night here is complete without sharing a bowl of the trendiest green fruit around.

The burritos are enormous and the nachos, enchiladas and other dishes are all brilliant too.

Our experience confirms that we are no closer to getting bored of this Abu Dhabi institution. We’ll be back very soon, along with everyone else we know.

A Mexican venue that gets very lively during the evenings

To people-watch from the bar stools. Oh, and for the amazing guac


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