Butcher & Still

A Prohibition era-themed bar with a terrace and popular happy hour

From Peaky Blinders to Mad Men, there’s just something so cool about immersing yourself in another era.

This is partly why Butcher & Still makes such a great first impression. With a 1930s theme that’s carried out to amazing effect, walking into this small and intimate bar feels like going back in time to a more stylish, and blissfully social-media free, period in history.

With vintage leather seats and artefacts that look like they are taken straight from the Prohibition era, this is a place for dressing up in your smartest attire, enjoying a drink at a leisurely place and indulging in some deep conversations.

The servers look impossibly dapper in bow ties and tweed blazers, while the bar is replete with rows and rows of purposefully dusty bottles and a huge, copper-pot.

The possiblities for getting arty interior-design shots for Instagram are just endless.

Hipsters will feel like they’ve finally found the setting to match their wide-rimmed glasses and perfectly trimmed beards. They’ll feel right at home.

The hops and premium beverages aren’t outrageously expensive, but the bottles of grape can set you back as much as a shocking Dhs13,000.

For this reason we’d recommend taking advantage of the daily happy hour. This offer is talked about a lot throughout the city as it allows you to purchase two drinks for the price of one from 4pm to 7pm.

The titles of the mixed drinks are as slick as the setting. The Breaking The Law and Chicago Lightning are just two of our favourites out of the long list.

Sipping our drinks on the terrace overlooking the waterfront of Al Maryah island, we feel totally trouble free.

The bar snacks include beautifully presented American-style beef sliders and cheese puffs. It feels far more New York than Abu Dhabi. Plus, the soundtrack is pure class, and we leave happy and relaxed.

A Prohibition era-themed bar with a terrace and popular happy hour

To finally give that tweed blazer that’s been gathering dust for the past year, a night on the tiles


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