A high-end Indian bar and restaurant with an intimate terrace and colourful sharing plates

When you first move to Abu Dhabi, there are so many things you need to adjust to.

For instance, you need to accept that every Friday afternoon will be dedicated to eating more than you normally would in a week, that getting taxis everywhere actually is affordable, and perhaps most bizarrely, that you will have some of your best nights out in a mall.

Yes, Tamba is one of those fantastic nightspots that is hidden away above the capital’s most popular shopping outlets.

However, the very cool hangout has some great company over in The Hub, found in the Mall at World Trade Center.

Just below this dimly-lit and moody Indian eatery there’s Back Yard Bistro (complete with whacky car-tyre sinks and almost constant happy hours), as well as the lively Latin-infused bar BU!.

Yep, hanging out in malls has never been cooler, and that’s not because we suddenly want our lives to resemble an Avril Lavigne video circa 2003.

We visit on a Thursday night, when ladies get four free drinks and 30 percent off food.

There’s a delay getting in as the door staff seem to spend most of their time trying to replenish their supplies of Jenga- block drink tokens. So although we think the idea is quite cute and quirky, we can’t help but feel that good old-fashioned printed vouchers would be more efficient.

The bar area is small but very cool. The huge copper bells are impressive and there’s a sense of excitement in the air as everyone raises a glass to the start of the weekend.

Outside, there’s a spacious terrace that’s completed by the stunning views of the surrounding skyscrapers. It’s just as busy out here as it is inside, and that reinforces the feeling that we’ve arrived in one of THE places to be in the capital.

The mixed drinks or ‘Tamba concoctions’ are pretty and expertly made. This isn’t a place to come and dance, but it’s ideal for a late-night drink in an impossibly stylish setting.


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