Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Explore this uber-cool hangout spot

Okay, so we’ve never been to Ibiza (mock us at your will).

But we can all imagine what it’s like, right?

You know it’s going to involve pretty people, loud house music and expensive drinks. It’s not everyone’s thing that’s for sure.

However, an afternoon at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE makes us think that perhaps we should make a trip to this famous party island. Although, when we have nights like this on our doorstep, it’s not like we are missing out.

About a 40-minute drive from Abu Dhabi and 20 minutes from Dubai Marina, this beach spot in Ghantoot is where expats from both cities meet in the middle to chill, sunbathe, drink and dance.

As we queue up outside we can already feel the excitement building. This isn’t the place to come in your favourite heels or smartest shirt. Instead it’s all about shorts and flip-flops, or your best bikini or trunks if you’re arriving in the afternoon.

Everyone is here to dance with complete abandon. So even on a pleasant winter’s evening, you’re going to get very warm (and by warm we mean so hot you’ll feel like your face is melting off).

Still, there’s nothing like dancing on the beach is there? Feeling the sea breeze and not caring what you look like because everyone else around you is a sweaty mess, too.

Walking down to the club we can hear the thumping bass and the sounds of partygoers having a night to remember.

The dance floor leads straight out onto the sand, while a balcony overlooks the other side. If you’d rather observe the party from a comfortable seat by a cool fan (nobody is judging), then book a spot up here.

Saturday brunch can also be eaten in the restaurant or on the beach, where if you need to cool off, all you need to do is walk a few feet to the infinity pool. While the afternoons are for sunbathing and photo opportunities by the turquoise waters and white sunbeds, in the evenings every possible spot is filled with revellers dancing to sets from world-renowned DJs.

It takes a while to adjust to the fact that even at 9pm half the crowd is only wearing swimwear, and of course the drinks aren’t cheap. But with such an amazing location and unbeatable party vibe, this is to be expected.

So charge up your phone and head to Blue Marlin for the most Instagrammable day of your life. We don’t like to show off that we live in Abu Dhabi at all, honest…

A beach club that attracts pretty people and incredible DJs

To let your hair down, dance on a beach and laugh at the Instagram photoshoots going on around you


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