Hamilton’s Gastropub

A cavernous, modern bar proving very popular

Build it, and they will come”. Or so the misquote from 1989 Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams goes (the line is actually “build it and he will come”). However it goes, if the film’s Shoeless Joe Jackson was around now, and living on Saadiyat Island, we’re sure he’d approve of Hamilton’s.

Okay, the island has had  adecent number of swanky bars (we’re looking at you Caramel, Manhattan Lounge and Beach House) but what it hasn’t had is a proper pub.

Finally, with Hamilton’s, one is here, and it’s proving a hit.

On our visit, late one Thursday night, the place is absolutely packed. As such, we pull up a stool at the bar and order a couple of drinks.

The menu has plenty on it, especially in the way of mixed drinks, with around 25 choices and a few mocktails, too. There are also a lot of Scottish short drinks and choices of grape.

Hop fans will have much to admire, here, with a good selection of draft and bottled varieties.

From what we see coming out of the kitchen, the pub grub looks pretty good as well.

The décor has a modern, stripped-back, industrial warehouse vibe, all exposed brick walls, iron pipes everywhere and exposed AC units. It’s different to what else is out there. 

Staff seem to know what they’re doing, too.

There are weekly deals including  happy hours between 5pm and 9pm from Saturday to Wednesday, Ladies’ night on Tuesdays and a Spanish mixed drink night every Sunday from 8pm.

Hamilton’s is a really smart bar, with a good vibe.

The bottom line
A breath of fresh air for Saadiyat Island.


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