Equinox party returns to COYA Abu Dhabi

Celebrate the arrival of spring at one of the city’s top bars

Equinox party returns to COYA Abu Dhabi
Equinox party returns to COYA Abu Dhabi Image #2

One of the city’s swankiest bars is gearing itself up for a massive night that is set to mark the arrival of Spring.

That’s right, winter will technically officially be over this month and to celebrate, COYA Abu Dhabi is getting ready for its annual March equinox party.

In case you nodded off during physics class in school, the March equinox is when the subsolar point (the point on earth with which the centre of the sun is aligned) moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.

So, in essence, it marks the start of the spring and summer season. Hurray for warmer times and longer days.

And so on Thursday March 15, COYA is launching a night that will celebrate the ancient traditions of Latin America, with a journey through the Incan ruins and Amazonia.

In short, that means you can check out a full on laser light show with special effects throughout the bar, a massive redecoration effort, full glow-in-the-dark setups and more.

There’ll be special performances and live music through until the early hours, DJs and a few surprises chucked in for good measure.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on some premium Peruvian beverages.

This is one we absolutely cannot wait for. Head along.
Fri Mar 15, 7pm-2am. The Galleria, Al Maryah Island (02 306 7000).

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