A brush with nature in Abu Dhabi

Two European artists are sharing a view of the world in a new exhibition.

Beauty is in in the eye of the beholder and wonder is all around us if we only choose to look.

Two young artists are proving that even the seemingly mundane can inspire a masterpiece – from an idle cat sprawled across a radiator to the lived-in charm of an old house with cracked walls and shattered windows.

N2N Gallery, which has a firm focus on showcasing the work of Eastern European talents, is playing host to a brand-new exhibition by Crimean artists Maria Chepeleva and Alexander Tyunkin, which celebrates nature in all its forms.

The show, called 2 Admire the Nature, will feature paintings taken from both artists’ latest collections, which find joy in the little things in life.

Chepeleva, whose works can be found in private collections in Russia, Ukraine and beyond, turns her paint brush to everything from cats and dogs to flowers, portraits and houses and trees. She depicts animals with particular care, making them active participants in a scene.

Tyunkin, who has been exhibiting his work for more than a decade, also draws strong inspiration from nature. His pictures can be dark and gloomy, indicating stormy weather, or be a source of calm and warmth on a sunny day.

Tyunkin brings to life the weather-worn and the weary, such as old shipwrecks, dilapidated houses and broken windows.

A N2N Gallery spokesperson explains: “Tyunkin is devoted to what he paints with love – his inspiration is every corner of his beloved Crimea, everything that shapes its nature and makes it special.

“Maria Chepeleva and Alexander Tyunkin’s paintings are suitable for any season. They can give you a joy of a sunny day or make you remember a rare Crimean snow. Sometimes you face the lace of spring flowering, mermaid-green sea water or gold-blue autumn.

They add: “Their works provide ease of communication with the audience. Only with a true understanding of their art can you reveal their subtle lyricism, enjoyment in the beauties of Crimea, and deep emotions towards everything they paint.”

Free entry. Mar 10-Apr 30. Sun-Thu 10am-10pm, Sat 2pm-9pm. Al Ain Tower (Costa Coffee entrance), Khalidiya, art@n2nartgallery.com.

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