European art at N2N Gallery

Celebrating serenity through creativity at an exhibition of Eastern European art

Finding a spare moment for self-reflection is never easy in our hectic modern lives, where the next vital deadline or crucial conference call is never far away.

But during the month of Ramadan, we are encouraged to set aside time to look inwardly at our lives, ponder our role in the world and think about how we can strive to improve ourselves and help others.

Art has long been a valuable source of cultural and personal enrichment, providing a welcome mental getaway from daily life for people gazing at a gallery, marvelling at a sculpture or unleashing their creativity on a blank canvas themselves.

Now N2N Gallery, nestled away in Nation Galleria at Nation Towers on the Corniche, is marrying the philosophical ideals of Ramadan and the power of art for a thought-provoking new exhibition that is on display until June 24.

The exhibition, entitled The Calmness, features serenely thoughtful works of arts from two Eastern European masters, Grygori Sokyrynskyi and Ramazan Useinov.

Exhibition organisers say the work of Useinov, who hails from Uzbekistan but has his family roots entrenched in Crimea, makes us ask questions about our own lives through his brushstrokes.

An N2N spokesperson explains: “The artist tells us of profound understanding and love of life and leads us to the question we frequently ask ourselves ‘what is the direction of our lives?’”

Useinov has won admirers all over the world for his poignant paintings, many of which depict a longing for the simple, traditional pleasures of home. It is an ethos which has seen his work celebrated here in Abu Dhabi, so much so that he personally attended an exhibition dedicated to his creations back in 2009.

Ukrainian-born Grygori Sokyrynskyi, meanwhile, remains an important cultural figure in his homeland thanks to his powerful watercolours.

Many of his works are housed in some of the most important culture spots in his home country, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Evocative etchings such as an illuminating watercolour of the Khezyr Mosque in Bukhara and a stunning impression of the ancient City Gate, guarding entry into Khiva, are on display at the gallery.

The exhibition demonstrates the incredible of power of art to capture a mood, and whether you are in Uzbekistan, Ukraine or the UAE, that’s something well worth finding the time to reflect upon.

Free. Until June 24. Open Sun-Thu 10am-2pm, 7pm-11pm; Sat 7pm-11pm. N2N Gallery, Nation Towers, Corniche, (02 665 9858).

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