New art exhibitions in Abu Dhabi

The capital is awash with new art. Check out these new exhibitions

The capital is awash with art this spring. Liz Totton scoured the city for ways to get your art on.

Spring is announcing itself in the most artsy fashion. Mark your calendars for these two exhibitions and one masterclass with a well-known artist.

Let’s get metaphysical!

N2N Gallery has been bringing inspiring art exhibitions from Europe to Abu Dhabi since May 2013. The gallery is hosting a solo exhibition ‘The Play Goes On’, which features the artwork of the talented Ukrainian artist Petro Bevza in Nation Galleria from April 22-May 20.

Petro Bevza is considered among the top five contemporary Ukrainian artists, selling at international auctions and exhibiting in Canada, Europe and the US – most recently in New York. His solo exhibition titled ‘The Play Goes On’ is a collection of 20 artworks created between 2011 and 2014. His innovative style is a combination of layers in a multi-screen format, using oil and acrylic paints, pigments, glazing; traces of sand, grained sandpaper, woodchip and glue, creating surfaces of landscapes that almost breathe. Petro Bevza’s works captivate the viewer from afar and up-close, with visual effects and sense of being transported to the hazy world he depicts.

While in town, Petro Bevza will teach his three-step method of metaphysical landscape painting. Students will learn how to get into the right mind set, apply the glazing technique, and to create a work similar to Bevza’s highly coveted and very secretive material abstract style.

This masterclass promises a highly creative atmosphere with a philosophical emphasis. Students will be working with mixed media of oil, acrylic and mineral pigments. The six-day course will offer both morning and evening sessions costing Dhs1,850, and materials will be provided at an extra cost. Some necessary mineral pigments are difficult to find in Abu Dhabi, so N2N will have them available for sale for the purpose of the masterclass. Classes will take place in N2N Gallery’s central Abu Dhabi locations: Nation Towers Galleria on the
Corniche and the newly opened N2N Gallery space in Al Ain Tower in Khalidiyah will host exhibitions.

Classes will run from April 24-29 – morning classes run from 10am-1pm and evening classes 6.30pm-9.30pm. A group exhibition lasting one week will be held for the students at N2N Gallery in Nation Towers Galleria after the masterclass.
Dhs1,950. Sun-Wed 10am-10pm; Thu and Sat 10am-midnight; Fri 2pm-11pm. N2N Gallery, Nation Galleria Branch, 1st floor, Nation Galleria, Nation Towers, Corniche, (02 665 9858).

The art of abstraction

Natasha Kowalski is a newcomer to the capital’s art scene, but her abstract musings on life in the UAE are taking the town by colourful storm.

Natasha recently left a successful corporate job in Australia to devote herself full time to her artwork. Natasha uses liquid acrylics and ink to create mystical abstractions, which she says are, ‘Abstract colour landscapes inspired by my sensorial experience of living in the Middle East. I majored in colour theory at art school and have a Masters Degree in design science. Kandinsky’s colour theory essays have been a strong influence.’ She adds, ‘I am trained as a woodblock printmaker. This new series that I am exhibiting is perhaps my way to break away from the heaviness of woodblock inks. Now I have more time to dedicate to my craft, I feel very free to create what I like on my terms and in my own time.’

Natasha’s work is light, breezy and big. She considers herself a colourist and will tailor artwork to a buyer’s taste with regard to colour and their home’s décor. She believes strongly in colour theory and contends, ‘I believe that colour has the power to influence your moods, so why not fill your home with colours that make you happy and serene?’

If you would like to feel the full effect of Natasha’s colourful abstraction, she is exhibiting throughout May. Natasha’s work will be on display on May 1 at Souk Qarayat Al Beri in the Souk Artisans Market and then at The Club, Mina Saadiyat from May 6-19.
Free entry. The Club, Mina Zayed, (02 673 1111). For more information on Natasha, visit (056 370 9803).

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