Take a midnight tour of The Founder's Memorial

See the stunning Abu Dhabi landmark lit up in all its glory

Take a midnight tour of The Founder's Memorial
The stunning Founder’s Memorial has certainly made a positive impression in Abu Dhabi since its unveiling.
People have been flocking to see the landmark tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, former President of the UAE.
If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.
But a new midnight tour is being launched which will allow you to see it in its full glory during Ramadan.
You can soak up the wonder of the The Constellation, a dynamic three-dimensional portrait of Sheikh Zayed that can be experienced differently from within the memorial’s landscape and other vantage points.
Learn more about Sheikh Zayed’s legacy and values with a range of artworks, landscape, words, stories and multimedia experiences.
Visitors are also invited to explore the space with complimentary guided tours from Emirati Cultural Guides.

Available in both Arabic and English, the tours offer visitors the opportunity to enhance your understanding of Sheikh Zayed, the causes he championed and the values he embodied.

During the holy month, the memorial will be open from 9am to 2pm and 8pm to 1am daily.

While the Welcome Centre will be closed during the non-operating hours, visitors can make the most of their memorial experience as they stroll along the wider space including the Sanctuary and Heritage Gardens and the elevated walkway, which will remain open throughout Ramadan.

The memorial is located at the corner of Corniche Road and 18th Street.

Public parking is available along 18th Street.

It’s definitely a must-visit this Ramadan.
For more about Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, check out our dedicated website section here.

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