ADNOC fuel station charges kept at bay for now

Motorists will not have to pay extra just yet

Motorists won’t have to fork out more money to fill up their tanks just yet as ADNOC announced a delay to the start of their new self-service scheme.

Last month, the fuel giants revealed they are set to start charging people to have their tanks filled by an attendant, as is common now.

They say the aim is to encourage more people to do it for themselves and avoid the fee, which is thought to be Dhs10.

The changes were due to come into effect this month after a trial period.

But the shake-up has been delayed until after Ramadan, it has been announced.

The premium service will remain free at around 40 fuel stations in Abu Dhabi until June 28.

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So we all have a month or so before filling up gets that little bit more expensive.

It will be welcome news to many as the cost of fuel rose sharply this month.

Adnoc bosses said last month customers are embracing the changes and that around 31 per cent had taken up the self-serve option in the first few days.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, ADNOC Distribution’s Acting CEO, said at the time: “The early results of the ADNOC Flex free trial period are encouraging and clearly show that customers, while still familiarizing themselves with the new fueling options, like the greater choice of fuel services that ADNOC Distribution is offering.

“Staffing levels have been increased at ADNOC Flex stations and our attendants have been assisting customers to understand and choose the service that best suits them.”

As part of the changes, customers will also be able to have fuel delivered straight to their door, just like you would with a pizza or your laundry.

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