Core-stregthening yoga poses share five yoga poses for strengthening the core

Core-stregthening yoga poses

Hannah Swales, founder of, shares her top five yoga poses for strengthening the core.

Four-limbed plank
Targets upper body strength and activates core and back muscles, building overall strength throughout the body. It’s a great one to add your list of sun salutations.

There’s nothing better to build your core strength than flipping your centre of gravity. Headstands make your core tighten and engage, to keep that balance and stop you from toppling over.

The ultimate ab workout! With both arms and legs raised off the ground, those abdominal muscles will be firing in no time.

While clearly working the muscles of the arms and the legs, this pose, when performed correctly, stimulates the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, lifting up the chest to create the strength.

Side plank
This arm-balancing pose works on the side of the torso. By balancing on the side of the feet and one hand, you are keeping the abdomen contracted and working your full core strength.

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