Why your smartphone is destroying your skin

Dr. Mohammed El Gharib shares tips on protecting your skin from electronics

Why your smartphone is destroying your skin

As interesting as your screen might be, your love of all things electronic could be causing your skin some serious damage. Sure, those never-ending Instagram scrolls and addictive Facebook feeds serve as a breather, and also as a companion when you have nothing to do. But the long-term effects aren’t something you’re going to like.

Here are a few tips from Dr. Mohammed El Gharib, a dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic, that will ensure you always stay on your skin’s good side.

Don’t lower your gaze to meet your smartphone or tablet.
Let it rise higher to meet you instead. Hold it at eye level, then half the trouble is done away with. Also, adjust the height of your laptop or monitor, or your chair, to ensure your screen and your sight are at the same level.

Step away from the screen and exercise your neck every hour.
It serves as a much-needed break, and helps you focus better.

Use anti-bacterial wipes to get rid of any dirt or germs settled on your phone.
Make sure you do so at least twice a day. This won’t ensure a 100 percent elimination of bacteria from your phone, but it will lessen your risk of acne.

Top up your daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising with exfoliating.
This will help prevent the damage from excess oils transferred from your phone to your face.

Speaking for long hours over the phone may not be avoidable.
So how about using a pair of headphones instead? That way, your skin need not be glued to your phone during the conversation.

Keep the phone away while you find a healthy bedtime ritual.
Try reading, meditating or simply contemplating over your day and over things to come (in a positive way).

Gaze upwards once in a while.
Look at the sky, the clouds, or the trees. Treat your sight to the world beyond your screen. It’ll really help!
Kaya Skin Clinic, various locations including Abu Dhabi Mall, 10th Street, www.kayaskinclinic.com (02 643 5030).

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