5 reasons why chillies are good for you

Five ways chillies can do some brilliant things for your body

5 reasons why chillies are good for you

Relax, just chew it...
Our spicy friends can have a therapeutic effect on the body. The active element capsaicin relaxes the body by reducing the effect of a natural chemical called Substance P, which transmits pain and stress signals.

Relieving pain and reducing inflammation
Capsaicin also contains a neuropeptide associated with the inflammatory process, and according to studies from Harvard University, it can be used to target pain receptors without affecting nerve cells.

Clear away that congestion
If your sinuses are very blocked, treat yourself to a spicy dish or, if you’re brave, some raw chilli. Both will help clear nasal passages and reduce congestion in your head.

Burn fat
That’s right, a spicy curry just might help you lose weight – without all the gravy, rice and bread of course. Chillies have a thermogenic compound that increases your metabolic rate, aiding in fat burning. If you look at any fat-burning tablets, you’ll almost always see cayenne chilli pepper in the ingredients. So add some fresh chillies or chilli powder to your salad, chicken, meat or fish.

Blood booster
Having a touch of chilli in your day-today diet will help to boost blood circulation, thin your blood and even help protect against the risk of a stroke.

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