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If you are a water-sport enthusiast then you have probably already joined the cool kids jetting along the Corniche. But if you haven’t tried jet skiing in the capital yet, then you really should give it a go while the weather is still bearable. We headed out to Empros at Al Meena to get our jet on.

Empros has over 10 years of experience here in Abu Dhabi, and offer a whole range of water-sports as well as jet skiing. Knowing that they are experienced put our mind at ease, and being a fully licensed and authorized jet ski rental company you know they have your safety in mind. The paperwork that you need to sign is more of a reassurance than an annoyance – it is good to know that Empros are doing things by the book.

Once our papers had been signed and life jackets fitted, we were introduced to our jet ski – a 700cc VX Yamaha Waverunner (perfect for beginners, we’re told, though Empros also have a 1,100cc VX and a 1,400cc FX Waverunner for more experienced riders).

The first thing that surprised us was how easy these machines were to operate: there’s a green button to turn it on, a red one to turn it off and a lever to make it go faster. Perhaps the only tricky bit was getting used to the kick of the throttle, but that didn’t take long and after a stuttering start out of the marina, the waters of Al Bateen opened up, inviting us to pick up the pace.

Only when we really let loose with the speed did we realise that wearing proper swimming attire would have been a sensible decision. Swimwear should be worn under clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses is also a good idea (not your best, most expensive pair though) since the water is so salty and you end up with a lot of it splashed all over your face. Not the most fashionable experience but fun anyway. We would also highly recommend sunscreen because you are heavily exposed to the sun while out on the jet ski.

We continued north, past the beautiful beachfront façades of the Shangri-La and Fairmont hotels, and then past Umm Al Nar Power Station. Here, we worked our way west towards the mangroves where we coasted through winding waterways. After reaching a clearing in the undergrowth, we beached our jet skis and clambered up a sandy mound to take in the view of the surrounding area. It was great to see the city silhouetted in the hazy distance; a stark contrast to the sprawling, wild mangroves that stretched out below us.

By then the sun was getting hot and we were happy to return to our jet ski and then back to Empros because the salty sea spray had become a bit of an issue in terms of visibility. We enjoyed jet skiing so much more than we thought we would, it really was exhilarating. It also feels so nice to be out and about on the water soaking up some different views of the capital. You get an entirely different perspective of the city and, in our opinion, the skyline looks a lot better from the outside looking in.

Jet skiing is a great way to get out and have some fun tearing up the water. It’s also a good way to do a bit of sightseeing from a whole other angle. This is the perfect activity to do with friends and also a great way to show your visitors around while having loads of fun.
Empros is open 10am-sunset all week. Life jackets amd waterproof boxes are provided. Jet ski riders aged 16-18 must be signed for by a parent, under-16s can be accompanying passengers with a parent. You will need a valid form of ID. For more information contact Empros on 02 628 9704 or visit

By Angela Beitz
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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Posted by: Mohammed Moaamer on 18 Nov ' 12 at 08:33

i need the price per hour and also if i need to rent for more than one hour like hole day

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