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Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning organic foods scene got bigger last year, with the opening of a new supermarket from the UAE’s leading farm and fresh produce supplier, Mawasim.

Tucked away in a converted villa in Mushrif, with plenty of on-street parking, this doesn’t look like your typical supermarket. The interior has a cosy, farm-store feel, with wood-clad walls, soft lighting, uncluttered shelves and baskets of shiny fruit and vegetables. It’s a world away from the glare of strip-lights at the big supermarkets.
There are stacked barrels of olive oil you can decant from and a selection of balsamic vinegars on tap, adding to the atmosphere.

Mawasim has a whopping 53 hectares of farmland out in the desert and has been growing everything from bananas and mangoes to fresh herbs, peppers and kale. These guys certainly know what they’re doing – and they’re passionate about it, too.“We strongly believe in bringing a healthy organic lifestyle to the people of
Abu Dhabi,” marketing director Michiel ten Duis tells us.

Residents here are really switching on to the organic food trend, says. “First, you can’t wash off the chemical toxins that are used on food in non-organic farming and those toxins travel into the food, so you are protecting yourself and your family by avoiding them.

“Secondly, you are protecting the farmers and their families who grow the food. And, of course, it tastes better, too.”

Mawasim also sells organic and natural household products, and boasts their own in-house nutritionist if you’re seeking advice.

Now there’s no excuse not to keep those New Year’s resolutions.
6 Street 71, Mushrif (02 554 4038).

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