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As Eid approaches, it can be difficult to find a gift to really encompass the emotion behind it. But pieces of jewellery from an e-boutique, The O Jewelry, do just that.

The O Jewelry, an e-boutique which specialises in delicate rings and necklaces made with precious or semi-precious stones, gives a voice to each of its pieces with their unusual shapes, colours and textures.

The Abu Dhabi-based company offers high-end pieces of jewellery designed and made in the city. Simplistic, elegant pieces from The O Jewelry’s most recent line, The Pulse, invoke many emotions as they show a pulsing symbol of a heart monitor. Multi-medium artist and designer Shamsa Al Omaira says, ‘Being a woman was the first inspiration for this collection. [I wanted to] emphasise the importance of acknowledging and owning our feelings. As women, we feel everything deeply and passionately, whether it is happiness, sadness, anger, passion or love. Our feelings are intense and extreme, and this collection is about wearing these emotions with pride.’

Every piece has meaning, says Shamsa. ‘No piece is produced without any intention or concept behind it, making the pieces connected to one another in a very unique way. They’re not exclusive; they do not have stories of their own. Instead, they form part of a larger collection, and they share a common and greater story. Each item within the collection fits within specific standards and guidelines that make them cohesive in every possible way.’

Many of the pieces are made from rose gold, gem stones and wire. Shamsa says rose gold is her favourite metal to work with. ‘It is just beautiful. I love the reflection it creates on any skin tone,’ she explains. ‘I have pushed for the use of rose gold in most of the jewellery I have created since I started designing, but I try to give customers the choice of customising the jewellery in the gold colour of their choice. When we first started in May 2013, customers were more comfortable with yellow gold or white gold, but since we have been using rose gold a lot, it’s grown on them and they’ve started appreciating it.’

Shamsa was born in Abu Dhabi and is experienced in sketching, print making, photography, painting and installations. She has had artworks exhibited in Abu Dhabi Art Hub, Ghaf Art Gallery and in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Art Fair at Manarat Al Saadiyat. Art plays a large part in her design process. ‘Designing involves constant thinking, non-stop scribbles and months of production. Inspiration usually hits me when I least expect it; it is never something specific, but more like anything and everything that surrounds me. Usually, sketching and creating is the easiest part of my creative process, while production turns out to be the toughest and most difficult step.’

Shamsa’s inspiration comes in a variety of forms – not only the emotions of women, but also women themselves. ‘So far, great artists and women have been my muses in creating jewellery, but that is not all. I am inspired by many unexpected things and that results in the strongest pieces conceptually.’

The O Jewelry also hosts private viewing parties for individuals so women can try the pieces in the comfort of their own home before purchasing them, although there’s no pressure to buy. The parties include catering and waiting staff. Shamsa says the concept came from experience. She explains, ‘Coming from this society, and being a young lady that is very involved in social events and gatherings, I figured this concept would be the right way to push The O Jewelry into being celebrated and loved in groups instead of individuals only.’

Not only does every piece in The O Jewelry lines come from emotions, but even the name has a sentimental meaning. Shamsa explains, ‘O comes from Omaira, my family name. It is simple, memorable and holds so much sentiment to me personally. Other than being my family name, it also symbolises a circle, a symbol of unity, eternity and something timeless. Making the logo of The O Jewelry a circle was to show this brand has a timeless quality – yet breaking this circle signified we open up to change and celebrate innovation and modernity – and that is what The O Jewelry is all about.’
www.theojewelry.com (02 449 3252).

By Caitlyn Davey
Time Out Abu Dhabi,


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