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Read onTue, 19 May 2015 15:30:54 +0000http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/63559-abu-dhabi-international-book-fairPearl tours in the Abu Dhabi mangroves   Set sail from the Eastern Mangroves Promenade and explore old Abu DhabiTue, 12 May 2015 08:52:55 +0000http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/63386-pearl-tours-in-the-abu-dhabi-mangrovesJill Alexander Essbaum interview   The author tells Time Out about feelings of loneliness and her novel, 'Hausfrau'Tue, 05 May 2015 10:22:47 +0000http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/63123-jill-alexander-essbaum-interviewFurniture removal in Abu Dhabi    Whether you are shifting home or merely downsizing there is help at handTue, 21 Apr 2015 07:04:36 +0000http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/62126-furniture-removal-in-abu-dhabiThe 'Green Sheikh' of Ajman    Meet the man on a mission to give the UAE a green legacyTue, 14 Apr 2015 08:06:11 +0000http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/61878-the-green-sheikh-of-ajman