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Name Area Cuisine Price
Aarya Khalifa City A Indian -
Abara Refreshment Al Khalidiyah Indian -
Abu Ashraf Restaurant Mohammed Bin Zayed City Indian Middle Eastern -
Abu Nasar Restaurant Al Zahiyah Chinese Indian -
Afsar Restaurant Al Mushrif Chinese Indian -
Airlines Bani Yas Indian Dhs 1-50
Al Asala Heritage Restaurant Al Meena Chinese Indian - Al Asala Heritage Restaurant
Al Baiq at Mushrif Mall Al Aman Indian -
Al Ghawas Refreshment Al Khalidiyah Indian -
Al Heel Restaurant Al Manhal Indian -
Al Ibrahimi Madinat Zayed Indian Pakistani Dhs 50-200 Al Ibrahimi
Al Ibrahimi Restaurant Madinat Zayed Indian Pakistani -
Al Rashidiya Al Dhafrah Indian -
Al Ridha Restaurant Al Markaziyah Chinese Indian Seafood -
Al Roshan Restaurant Mohammed Bin Zayed City Indian -
Al Shahba Al Dhafrah Indian -
Al Shukriya Others Indian -
Al Sukaryah Restaurant Mohammed Bin Zayed City Chinese Indian -
Ambassador Restaurant Mohammed Bin Zayed City Chinese Indian -
Anarkaly at Al Diar Regency Hotel Al Markaziyah Indian -
Angar at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

A classy take on Indian cuisine in a stunning setting

Yas Island Indian Dhs 350-500 Angar Angar Angar
Anjappar Abu Dhabi Al Khalidiyah Indian -
Annam Al Markaziyah Indian Pakistani -
Arab Udupi

Cut-price, quality curry comes to the Souk at Central Market

Al Markaziyah Indian -
Arab Udupi Al Dhafrah Chinese Indian -


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