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Asian Garden

Cheap and cheerful cafeteria with a range of Asian food

Madinat Zayed Chinese Filipino Thai Dhs 50-200
Goto King

Filling food at this cheery mall-based Filipino pad

Al Khalidiyah Filipino Dhs 50-200
Kamayan Barrio Fiesta Restaurant

We check out Kamayan Barrio Fiesta for Asian food off Najda Street...

Al Markaziyah Filipino Dhs 50-200
Oriental Korner

Buzzy but sluggish Filipino filling station

Al Markaziyah Chinese Filipino Dhs 50-200
Pista sa Nayon Al Markaziyah Filipino Dhs 50-200
Tambayan at Al Ain Palace Hotel

Cheery karaoke joint serving up entry-level Filipino stodge

Al Markaziyah Filipino Pizza Dhs 50-200 Tambayan


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