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Just like most other restaurants in Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Meat Co. boasts dramatic, romantic views of the Grand Mosque. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a place to bring the pretty young thing in your life – with bottles lining the walls on gleaming silver racks and any form of red meat presented with the sort of steak knife that’d have Crocodile Dundee quaking in his boots, Meat Co. is as macho as they come. As you might expect, the food is geared towards the ravenous rather than the discerning. Portions are huge and steaks come with criss-cross grill marks, suggesting an up-market TGI Friday’s. And that’s precisely Meat Co.’s problem – for the extra cost (their fillet steak weighs in at a whopping Dhs300) the experience isn’t particularly special, especially when you consider that you could fill up at Marco Pierre White for the same sort of money. Still, keep your ambitions simple (the gourmet burgers are more moderately priced and very good) and you’ll leave a satisfied man. And an extremely manly one at that.

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  • Location: Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Bain Al Jessrain, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 558 1713
  • Travel: Souk Qaryat Al Beri
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User reviews:

Posted by: vocecita on 10 Jul ' 12 at 18:38
  • Best for: Romantic
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

Decor was interesting, with wine bottles stacked up along the walls; service was attentive and accomodating; food was DELICIOUS!

We ordered a New Zealand fillet and an Australian rump, both pepper-encrusted and both with vodka-blue cheese sauce, both medium-rare. The meat was succulent and super tender. The sauces were a bit thick, and gravy-like. The creamy mushroom sauce that a friend ordered was better than ours. Chips were yummy, but needed a bit of salt. Overall, we had a great experience there.

Ambiance was low-key, but nice. They had African djembe drumming going on in the background, and sang a very stripped down, beautiful South African-sounding Happy Birthday to two girls dining at the restaurant.

It was expensive (about 200 dirham for the NZ fillet and 220 for the Aussie rump), but we will absolutely go back!

Posted by: Greg on 14 Aug ' 11 at 07:35
  • Best for: Business lunch
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

My wife and I are big steak lovers and decided to try the Meat Co. despite the mixed reviews. Bottom-line is that we were very disappointed.

We ordered the Chateaubriand for two, the 500g ribeye on the bone, and a side order of sautéed mushrooms. My wife had a diet coke to drink and, I, a couple of Heineken beers.

Quite curiously, the Chateaubriand--which began as a very nice piece of tenderloin--is first sliced into 1/2-inch slices before it is apparently pan fried. This makes it virtually impossible to serve the steak at any temperature other than medium-well (I ordered it cooked medium and there was very little color). The new potatoes were slightly undercooked and the Béarnaise sauce was clearly made from a package. Worse, and completely inexcusable, the sautéed mushrooms were from a can and were inedible. Aside from being overcooked, the Chateaubriand, while very tender, was completely tasteless.

My wife's 500g ribeye came to the table looking quite less than 500g yet was very flavorful and cooked the way we had asked.

Without the use of our discount coupon, the total price of this meal came to 991AED or $268.00 USD. In other words, the food at the Meat Co. is outrageously overpriced--especially for what you get. By way of comparison, we could have eaten two sublime 20oz (566g) ribeye steaks with side dishes and a bottle of wine at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City (reportedly the oldest and one of the finest steakhouses in the U.S.) for approximately *half* the price of what the Meat Co. charged for mediocre food at best.

We will not be returning, not unless they lower their prices and switch to the use of fresh ingredients only and serve sauces that are prepared to order from scratch. A good Béarnaise sauce is not that hard to make--any halfway decent chef can do it.

Posted by: Maria on 24 Jul ' 11 at 01:28
  • Best for: Business lunch
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I wont over rate or under rate it,, but the only thing that i liked there was the mashed potato side dish that came along with my bloody rare disgusting steak, even though i told them 100 times i want my steak WELL WELL WELL DONE, but they just don't understand English or what !!??

Posted by: Tony on 28 May ' 11 at 17:24
  • Best for: Romantic
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

My wife and I had been planning to visit this restaurant for quite a while. I had heard mixed reviews but wanted to make my own judgements. We sat outside to enjoy the view of the creek and Zayed Mosque. The staff were very happy to see us and were efficient. I ordered New Zealand fillet (as a change from Australian or American cuts). My wife ordered the Butchers Skewer which consisted of large pieces of various cuts of meat served on, yes, a skewer. The meat was cooked very well and the mash was sublime. The seasonal vegetables were a little undercooked though. Overall, a very good experience. just one word of warning. The house win sells for 72 AED, per glass!

Posted by: David Hughes on 08 Apr ' 11 at 10:16
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

TThe best steak house for meat lovers, we tried the prime rib eye steak and the American fillet steak and it was so good.
Food took long time but it’s understandable because we ordered medium well and well done but still it came out juicy and so tender!
Our waiter was a very friendly man and he took great care of us even it was a very busy night.
The view outside by Sheik Zayed mosque and the marina is amazing and breathe taking.
The prices are not cheap because you get an expensive quality of meat, I think it is a good value for money.
Thank you The Meat Co.

Posted by: gordon on 17 Feb ' 11 at 05:05
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

Edited by

disappointing, poor decor, poor value never again!

Posted by: Firas on 06 Feb ' 11 at 06:30
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

Absolutely horrible experience! DO NOT EVER go to this restaurant!

I took my wife for a romantic night out, thinking that Meat & Co. is one of the best steak restaurants in Abu Dhabi.. The setting is beautiful and the view is breathtaking. But that lasted only for minutes.

The waiter took our order, but barely spoke any legible english. His accent was deep african, and we couldn't make out three quarters of what he was saying. We ordered 2 Black Angus fillet steaks, medium well, one 200g glazed with blue cheese sauce and one 300g natural with cheddar cheese sauce. Can it get any simpler?

We waited 45 minutes for the order, quite a long wait. Then we received the following: 2 steaks, one 300g natural with pepper sauce, and one 200g glazed without sauce! When asked, the waiter said "the kitchen always makes such mistakes, what would you like me to do?". No apology, no attempt to fix the problem.

We decided, in order to avoid another 45min wait, to try the steaks: one was well done, and one was extremely rare! I mean how hard is it to take a simple steak order in a steak restaurant, for God's sake? How can you make so many mistakes in 1 order of 2 steaks?

We asked for the steaks to be fixed. The waiter took them, then the manager came and apologized. He said he'll do everything he can to make us happy. It was a good gesture, but didn't last long.

We wait another 30min. No waiter, just some fries on the table to munch on. Then the steaks arrive, with 3 plates of fries and 2 salads. We hadn't ordered any salads and we had eaten enough fries so far. We ignored this, again.

We try the steak, the very rare became extremely well done, almost burnt. Basically unedible! The other steaks was just "ok". It was truly disappointing, and yet no one came to offer any apologies yet. I decide to not eat the steak, and tell the waiter that it's too hard and burnt. He doesn't twitch! Around 15min later, he comes and says "I am really sorry for your experience, we will not charge you for the steak". I said fine, thanks.

Naturally, this was again a disappointment. The bill comes, and the steak cost is on it! 580dhs for 2 steaks that we didn't eat, and the most horrible experience I could ever go through. I decided to just pay it and not humiliate myself anymore by causing a scene.

This is a restaurant I will never ever go back to. I advise you to do the same.

Posted by: Joan on 18 Jun ' 10 at 14:01
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

Went here for a friend's birthday. The decor is really interesting, especially all the wine bottles and the ladders and african wooden decor. All the wine bottles made me think they would be experts on wine but when I asked the waiter about what they would recommend, i doubt he knew much about wine.. would've expected there to have been a sommelier.
The server we had explained their special of the day very well, lots of charisma and imagery there. It was entertaining.
I believe a lot of people go there to celebrate their birthdays because I think the wait staff went to sing happy birthday to like three tables before ours!
It's lovely when they sing. They don't only sing but dance and drum as well. It's more of the entertainment and ambience than the food.
The food is good but does not have variety. I noticed that the only difference between our dishes was the cut and type of meat, and the way our potatoes were cooked. They have a sort of minimalist style of presenting their food, with one single chive on every dish. Their sauteed mushrooms were GLORIOUS. But overall it's quite expensive in terms of the food.
They make above average cakes, better than most complimentary cakes from hotels. I'm going back tomorrow to celebrate my brother's birthday. I suggest going here to celebrate.

Posted by: Naseem on 04 Mar ' 10 at 19:05
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

As a Muslim in an Islamic country my first question as I walked into the restaurant was "Do you serve Halal food?" (because of the walls of wine bottles i asked this question). Of course the filipino waitress did not understand. That was disappointing.
The tables were a bit long and the environment was a bit noisy hence its difficult to hear what your dinner partner is saying unless you sit next to each other.
Staff were very friendly and enthusiastic when explaining the type of food. This earned positive points in my book!
It took only 1 hour and 15 mins from ordering my food to taking home the leftovers so its fairly good service.
The price was slightly above what I expected and I'm surprised they have not removed the 10% service charge from their bill although Ministry of Economy UAE has stated in the newspaper that this is illegal.
Overall above average satisfaction.

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