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Business lunch at 18°

The daily-rotated three course set menu is suitable for entertaining clients and colleagues alike. With free Wi-Fi and a strong internet connection, this is the ideal location for an interactive lunch meeting. Dhs150

Al Safraat Mediterranean
Ramadan offer at 18°

The venue: Hyatt Capital Gate’s 18 Degrees provides stunning panoramic views of the city with indoor and outdoor seating options. The suhoor tent is traditionally set up at the ground level of the hotel.

Iftar: Eastern Mediterranean dishes, which mainly hail from Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, are available for iftar. Highlights include lamb
ouzi, baked whole halwayo fish, shoukaf (lamb fillet cubes with onion), kabab orfaly (beef and vegetable skewers), Lebanese
loubia bil lahmeh (green beans in tomato sauce) and grilled tiger prawns, sumac tomato salsa and green olive aioli.

Suhoor: Moroccan tea and Arabic coffee is being served along with a selection of international and Arabic snacks.

Prices: Iftar Dhs180++ per person.

Timings: Sunset-9.30pm (iftar), 7pm-2am (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Yes, for a minimum of eight people.

Al Safraat Mediterranean
Business lunch at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

With six plug sockets available, this laptop friendly eatery, offers two a la carte courses which will set you back about Dhs75

Al Mushrif International
Abu Dhabi City Golf Club at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

The Abu Dhabi City Golf Club will serve Iftar and Suhoor from sunset-midnight from a set menu along with barbeque stations and shisha. Dhs75

Al Mushrif International
Ramadan offer at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

The venue: Iftar and suhoor are available in both 19th Street Restaurant (indoors) and the Pavilion (outdoors). There is seating for up to 180 people.

Iftar: Guests can expect a large variety of dishes and traditional Ramadan drinks.

Suhoor: A set menu and an à la carte option alongside a barbecue are all available.

Extras: Shisha is available and FIFA World Cup games are being shown live.

Prices: Iftar set menu Dhs75 per person, free (children under the age of six). Suhoor is à la carte.

Timings: Sat-Wed sunset to 9pm, Thu-Fri sunset-9pm (iftar), Sat-Wed 9pm-midnight, Thu-Fri 9pm-1am (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Booking is essential, with no restrictions on numbers.

Al Mushrif International
Ramadan offer at Ain Al Faida One To One Hotel & Resort

The venue: The resort boasts one of the largest tents in Al Ain, accommodating up to 700 people with both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Iftar: Expect an oriental open buffet serving a host of traditional Ramadan dishes.

Suhoor: Both the oriental open buffet and an à la carte menu are available.

Extras: Shisha is available, plus there’s a raffle draw and a performance by an oud player. There are also activities for families and children, and the FIFA World Cup games are being shown live.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs89. Suhoor buffet Dhs49.

Timings: Daily sunset-2am.

Bookings accepted? Yes.

Eid plans: An Eid party with a range of activities for the family and children including boat rides, bicycle rides, a kids’ garden, a farm and several sports courts.

Al Ain
One to One – Al Ain Al Faida at Ain Al Faida One To One Hotel & Resort

One to One – Al Ain Al Faida invites you for a delicious variety of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes for Iftar and Suhoor at the breezy Ramadan pavilion with shisha, activities for children, raffle drawings, and live music. Dhs89 (Iftar), Dhs49 (Suhoor). Sunset-2am

Al Ain
Al Ain Rotana at Al Ain Rotana

Visit Al Zaeem Village tent at Al Ain Rotana Hotel for an Iftar buffet complete with Arabic dishes, entertainment, raffle drawings, and shisha. Sunset-9pm. Suhoor will be served from the menu until the Morning Prayer

Al Ain
Ramadan offer at Al Ain Rotana

The venue: Al Zaeem Village boasts a special Ramadan tent with an Arabic atmosphere located in the hotel’s main garden.

Iftar: Guests can expect an Arabian iftar buffet.

Suhoor: Suhoor is available from an à la carte menu.

Extras: There’s a raffle draw, shisha and an oud player, plus FIFA World Cup games are being shown.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs149++. Suhoor priced à la carte. There are no age restrictions.

Timings: Daily Maghreb prayer-9pm (iftar), 9pm-Fajr prayer (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Yes, with no minimum spend or restrictions on the number of guests.

Eid plans: A special Eid buffet will be held at all-day dining restaurant Zest.

Al Ain
Ramadan offer at Al Bathna

The venue: Enjoy an authentic Ramadan ambiance inside the unique open area of the Club Building (Al Bathna Hall), with seating capacity for up to 600 guests.

Iftar: Dine on an elaborate selection of bread and butter, fruit and nuts, Ramadan juices, salads, sushi, soups, hot appetisers, pasta, cheese, pizza, rotisserie, barbecue, saj and tandoori as well as oriental sweets and desserts prepared in front of your eyes by the chefs. The daily iftar buffet also includes live cooking stations and special dishes with a Khaleeji touch.

Suhoor: The club is serving breakfast dishes, hot dishes, salads, cheeses and desserts.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs180 per person, including Ramadan juices, Dhs170 per person (bookings over ten), Dhs90 (children aged seven-12 years). Suhoor Dhs90++ per person, including selected juices.

Timings: From Magrib prayer- 9pm (iftar), midnight-Imsak time (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Yes, bookings are accepted for both iftar and suhoor buffets.

Eid plans: There will be a special Eid brunch for the second and third days of Eid al-Fitr in Al Bathna Restaurant.

Al Maqtaa International
Ramadan offer at Al Diar Regency Hotel

The venue: Iftar is being served at Regent’s Court restaurant, which boasts panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf from the top floor of the hotel.

Iftar: A traditional iftar buffet is available daily.

Suhoor: Not available.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs78 per person, 50 percent discount (children aged 12 years and under).

Timings: Daily from sunset.

Bookings accepted? Yes.

Al Markaziyah
Ramadan offer at Al Liwan

The venue: Experience ‘Ramadan Nights’ under the stars at Al Liwan or the traditional Arabian tents at Al Dhafra Oasis, and savour a choice of traditional Arabic delicacies, coffee and juices.

Iftar: Enjoy a lavish iftar buffet with a wide range of oriental dishes ranging from appetisers and salads to traditional Arabic sweets and a choice of seasonal juices.

Suhoor: For suhoor, a set menu is on offer, featuring a selection of assorted croissants, pastries, fresh fruit and juices.

Extras: Shisha and traditional games are available, along with background sounds provided by an oud musician.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs135++ per person, half price (children aged six-12 years). Suhoor set menu Dhs50++ per person.

Timings: Sunset-10.30pm (iftar), 2am-4am (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Yes.

Eid plans: Tilal Liwa Hotel will be offering its ‘Eid Escape’ package, starting from Dhs699. The package includes activities such as camel farm visits, sand boarding, kite flying, desert safari, quad biking as well as special themed dinners and barbecues. For more information, visit or call the hotel.

Liwa Bar Food
Ramadan offer at Aloft Abu Dhabi

The venue: Aloft is hosting a memorable iftar with traditional Arabian hospitality at Dine restaurant, where an international and oriental buffet is being served throughout the Holy Month.

Iftar: Treat your family, friends and colleagues to an appetising iftar buffet including oriental and Arabic delicacies, an assortment of Ramadan specialties, a live cooking station, Arabic sweets and Ramadan juices.

Suhoor: Aloft is offering a special Ramadan delivery menu, which is available only via room service. It includes seafood platters, mixed grill, starters and desserts.

Extras: Splash Garden terrace boasts a large tent with shisha, an oud player and big screens showing the FIFA World Cup.

Prices: Dhs135 per person (including soft drinks, Arabic juices and teas and coffee), Dhs110 early bird offer (needs to be booked five days in advance).

Timings: Sunset onwards (iftar), from 2am (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Yes. Receive a 20 percent discount off the regular price when booking for a minimum of 20 people.

Eid plans: Aloft will be hosting a family brunch at Dine restaurant with a special Eid menu.

Al Safraat
Amerigos at Amerigos

Savour a three course business lunch including a soft drink for Dhs70

Yas Island Mexican
Business lunch at Aqua

Stop by with your co-workers or clients at this Mediterranean restaurant for an antipasto buffet. Laptops are welcome. Dhs140

Al Maryah Island Italian
Ramadan offer at Arabesque

The venue: Arabesque restaurant is hosting iftar and can seat approximately 190 guests in a fresh, spacious and modern setting with a contemporary Arabic touch. The green apple and orange accents create a cosy ambiance, while dark wood tables and comfortable chairs and sofas provide a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant features large live cooking areas as well as carving, salad and dessert stations, while the restaurant terrace is being converted into the cosy Layalina Café during Ramadan to provide a relaxing ambiance.

Iftar: Arabesque is serving a sumptuous buffet including traditional Ramadan specialties with carving stations and a delectable selection of desserts and juices.

Suhoor: Layalina Café is serving à la carte Ramadan snacks.

Extras: Shisha is available along with an oud player who performs daily from 8.30pm at Layalina Café.

Prices: Iftar buffet Dhs129++, half price (children aged six-12 years), free (children below six years). Suhoor served à la carte.

Timings: Daily from sunset (iftar), from 8.30pm (suhoor).

Bookings accepted? Priority is given to those with reservations, but the restaurant also accepts walk-ins. No minimum number of guests or minimum spend.

Eid plans: An Eid Brunch at Arabesque restaurant will take place on the second day of Eid, with special kids’ entertainment and activities priced Dhs149++ including soft drinks, half price (children aged six-12 years), free (children aged below six years). A special Eid dinner buffet will also be taking place during the evenings.

Al Ain Arabic Lebanese
Armed Forces Officer’s Club at Armed Forces Officers’ Club & Hotel

Offering buffets for Iftar and Suhoor, the Armed Forces Officer’s Club invites you for a selection of freshly prepared, international dishes. Sunset-9pm. Dhs180. Suhoor will be served from midnight until imsak with a variety of desserts, breakfast dishes, and hot mains. Dhs90

Al Maqtaa
Assymetri at Assymetri

Lavish Arabic buffet with a wide range of savoury dishes in an authentic atmosphere for Dhs145++ per person including soft drinks or Dhs195++ per person including house beverages

Yas Island International
Ramadan offer at Assymetri

The venue: Assymetri is hosting iftar, with 192 seats available indoors and out.

Iftar: Expect an iftar buffet in Assymetri offering Arabic cuisine such as hot and cold mezze, shawarma, ouzi, falafel, Ramadan juices such as Vimto, plus Arabic desserts including umm ali.

Suhoor: Not available.

Prices: Dhs145++ per person.

Timings: Iftar available from sunset every day.

Bookings accepted? Yes, with no minimum spend (the cheapest package is Dhs145++).

Eid plans: On the first and second days of Eid there will be an Arabic-style lunch buffet with traditional delicacies for Dhs150++ per person.

Yas Island International
Business lunch at Boccaccio

Capturing the views of the InterContinenal’s marina, Boccaccio offers a three-course set menu throughout the working week. Wifi is free, laptops are welcome and several plug sockets are available. Dhs95 including a glass of grape

Al Bateen Italian
Iftars & Suhoors at Bricco Pizza & Pasta Al Wahda Mall

Enjoy a varied, freshly prepared buffet filled with Italian soups, appetisers and delicacies for iftar at Bricco Café. Dhs89

Al Wahdah Italian
Burger Bureau at Burger Bureau

Need a quick and hearty meal on the go? For just Dhs35 you can get a classic burger or sandwich, soup or salad and soft drink or coffee

Al Wahdah Burgers
C.Taste at C.taste

Feast at Italian night, with unlimited pasta to swirl and pizza to cut along with desserts and drinks. Dhs90 for food, Dhs109 with two house beverages

Yas Island International
Café 28 at Café 28

Barbeque with a Band is a classic backyard Australian BBQ with live music by Acoustica, playing contemporary three-piece acoustic sounds with unique Western and Arabic fusion. Dhs110 per person, Dhs65 for kids

Sas Al Nakhl Cafés Café 28
Iftars & Suhoors at Cantina Mariachi

Indulge in an authentic Mexican buffet for iftar with family and friends and enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious meals freshly prepared for a festive evening. There’s fun for the whole family. From sunset. Dhs90

Al Markaziyah Mexican

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