McDonald’s milkshakes are finally coming to the UAE

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We’re bracing ourselves for stampedes, record levels of lip-smacking and sonic boom-worthy high-fiving around Abu Dhabi, because McDonald’s milkshakes are coming to the UAE.

We never really knew why exactly McDonald’s’ world-famous, legendarily thick milkshakes have never continuously featured on the fast food joint’s menu here, but are happy that they're coming back.

They were available briefly for a joyous spell last year, but have never been a permanent fixture. McDonald’s have previously said the reason for the shakes' prolonged absence was either down to low demand or an unreliable supply chain, but whateve the reason - it's not a problem any more.

But now, they’re back, it would seem. McDonald’s has confirmed to Time Out Abu Dhabi that the beloved milkshakes will be coming to its UAE restaurants on Saturday August 12. The chocolate-Oreo and classic strawberry flavours will be first on the menu. They will cost Dhs11 if bought alone and an extra Dhs5 will be added to the price of your regular meal if you upgrade to a shake.

To dispel any rumours or urban myths about products, McDonald’s also has this handy Q&A section on its website. Turns out, all ice creams at McDonald’s are lacto-vegetarian, which means suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans.

They’ll be here on Saturday August 12, and we can’t wait.

By Time Out Abu Dhabi staff
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