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Even just saying it out loud makes it sound special. Try it. “Lobster pizza”. Has a lovely ring, doesn’t it? So, the arrival of Berri’s, from Los Angeles, has made us very happy indeed. The Italian joint’s lobster pizza is its speciality. But what makes it so good?

For starters, unlike most pizzas, Berri’s uses a rich and creamy tomato sauce on the base. “Normally you wouldn’t think of pairing lobster with cream,” says head chef Eric Etrata. “It works better with something light and fresh.”

The rich sauce is spread over a regular base with fresh mozzarella before the crowning glory – lobster meat – is added. “We also add shrimp to it before sprinkling some of our special seasoning on top. Then it goes into the oven, ” Etrata adds.

The story of the creation’s origins goes, Berri’s owner Raphael Berry had a flash of inspiration when he was trying (and, we’re presuming, failing) to roll out a batch of lobster ravioli late one night. The rest, as they say in Hollywood, is history.

The original Berri’s in LA is one of Tinseltown’s prime celeb hangouts. Past customers have included Mariah Carey and Madonna and, more recently, the extremely fashionable Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella.

Abu Dhabi is its first international location and we think Berri’s couldn’t have picked a better destination.

“We’ve been open for about a month now and have had quite a few local customers in who had visited the original Berri’s when they were studying in LA. They’re thrilled to see it here,” says Etrata. Word of the new branch has even travelled next door to Saudi Arabia, the chef adds. “The other day we had a customer from Saudi. He was here on business and heard we’d opened. He ordered the lobster pizza and took some back for his family.”

Lobster pizza then, a dish that unites nations and tastebuds. Dhs85. Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach (02 643 9555).

By Vanessa Fitter
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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