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Food and film have gone hand in hand for decades. From concession stands replete with popcorn and treats, to the gourmet menus available in VIP classes in cinemas, the giant silver screen seems to be tied in with our tummies. Watching loads of flicks at several festivals across the UAE these past few months got us thinking about iconic food moments and dishes from films. Ever wondered what Willy Wonka’s chocolate tastes like, or wanted to sample one of Pulp Fiction’s five-dollar shakes? We can’t promise a goggle-clad Johnny Depp as a dining partner, but we’ve found Abu Dhabi’s versions of our favourite food from films for you to try.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s river of chocolate
The chocolate river flowing through the Wonka factory is one of the most tantalising images on the silver screen. To test a tamer version (albeit more like a trickling stream than a river), head to one of the many Friday brunches that boast a chocolate fountain, such as the chocolate brunch at Sevillos or the Friday brunch at the Shangri-La.
Sevillos Dhs175, Raha Beach Hotel (02 508 0555). Sofra Bld Dhs290, Shangri-La Hotel (02 509 8555).

Pretty Woman’s escargots
Julia Roberts’ character spends all day learning fine-dining etiquette, but comes unstuck when she’s forced to eat escargots. To try the French classic of snails in garlic butter, head to Rodeo Grill in the Beach Rotana where the snails are served succulent and delicious.
Rodeo Grill, Beach Rotana (02 697 9000).

When Harry Met Sally’s New York deli sandwich
This memorable foodie scene was shot in real-life New York deli Katz’s, although we’d advise steering clear of Sally’s fussy, bespoke order in favour of Harry’s classic pastrami sandwich. Try it at Jones the Grocer, where stonebaked bread is stuffed with pastrami, gruyère and a lovely horseradish cream. If you do happen to be dining with a picky partner who just doesn’t share your love for pastrami, fret not, because this venue stocks up on other delicious gourmet sandwiches (although not as famous!).
Pastrami sandwich, Dhs33, Jones the Grocer, Al Mamoura (02 443 8762) or Khalidiya (02 639 5883).

Pulp Fiction’s five-dollar shake

John Travolta’s character Vince may not understand the extravagance, but Mia (played by Uma Thurman) certainly thinks her pricey milkshake is worth it. And who could blame her? Which one of us was able to watch that scene from the movie without feeling absolutely parched for a cold ’shake? Well, city dwellers we’ve got awesome news. For a traditional diner-style malt, head to Johnny Rockets, where you’ll also get a vintage ’50s feel worthy of Pulp Fiction venue Jack Rabbit Slims.
Dhs28. Johnny Rockets, Yas Marina Circuit (02 659 9965).

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