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The first thing you notice when entering Blossom Sweets is the display case crammed full of tempting treats and impressive designs, such as a cake shaped exactly like Al Jahili Fort and a large, edible brightly coloured parrot (we’re not kidding). The founder and owner of this establishment is Miss Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly; a young, ambitious, talented and very successful Emirati lady. Here, she tells us about her inspiration and how to establish a business in the busy Abu Dhabi food and beverage market.

When did you realise you wanted to become a bakery entrepreneur?
I always had a passion for baking, ever since I was little. I would always work on my skills, by hiring professionals to teach me to improve. One of the drives I had to open this shop is that I really like being my own boss, and not having someone tell me what to do. I took some graphic design courses in university and I like applying some of the techniques in designing the cakes. At the moment I am involved in all aspects of the business. I make it a point to involve myself at every level.

Having opened your shop in a district full of bakeries and sweet outlets, how do you intend to establish yourself in such a competitive environment?
I think competition is very important in life. If you don’t have it, things get very boring. You always need competition to improve yourself. We are always going to do special things for the festive events in the year. For example, for National Day, we invited the public to come in and decorate their own desserts. We also had a background where people could get photographed against a typical Emirati scenic view with some camels. So far we have had a lot of positive feedback from the customers.

What special things are you doing for the Christmas and New Year festivities?
From now until January 5, 2013, we are selling festive cakes and desserts as well as hampers and other products. If you need to grab a quick gift for friends or family, we have great solutions ready.

How did you choose the name ‘Blossom Sweets’?
I like the word ‘blossom’ because it is very whimsical, and I feel like it represents a part of me. Also blossom means we are always growing, always blooming. Our menu will always be growing and changing, we will continually update it. Our logo also has a little bird which represents me; the logo can be summed up as ‘freedom and creativity’. It also matches our motto; ‘Good things bloom, great things blossom’.

What advice can you give to someone who would like to start their own business?
I would tell anyone to keep striving for their goals. It is always difficult in the beginning, but you just have to persist and keep going. It is really hard in the food industry, because we have very strict regulations from the Health Authority and you have to always keep yourself updated about new rules and procedures. Never give up.

Where do you see your venture in five years?
I hope to have opened some locations around the UAE, such as in Dubai. Mainly though, I would like to branch out into catering, and develop a very strong catering arm.
Blossom Sweets is located at Al Mamoura, on 4th Street between 13th and 15th Streets, (02 441 2999).

By Sara Taher
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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