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Kitchens all across Abu Dhabi produce burgers in all sorts of tasty varieties – some restaurants dress theirs up with gourmet ingredients and charge a small (if richly deserved) fortune, while at the opposite end of the scale, others pay nimble teenagers to slap the meat between the bread, wrap it up and slide it over the counter in less time than it takes to shout, ‘Extra gherkins!’ And in between those two extremes there are plenty more venues that chuck in cheesy extras, let you build your own, squirt on signature sauces... the works. Frankly, we’re starting to get overwhelmed by all the choice, and so we’re inviting, no, begging you to help us find the absolute best.

So check out our list of Time Out Abu Dhabi's favourite 20 burgers. Just reading through this should be enough to let you work up a hunger. Start eating your way through the list and taking notes.

Pretty soon we'll be opening up a public vote and asking you to help us crown Abu Dhabi's greatest burger. 

Bel Mondo
Signature burger: Cheeseburger
A generous-sized burger with piles of salad, cheese, pickles and meat, all smothered in cocktail sauce.
Bel Mondo (02 676 3867)

Burger King
Signature burger:
Probably the second most famous burger in the world, the Whopper is the only serious contender to the Big Mac in the fast food giant stakes. The crucial difference, of course, is that there’s just one layer of flame grilled meat with salad and sauce.
Hamdan Street (02 635 4451)

Café Columbia
Signature burger:
Angus Burger
Angus beef, gherkins, and salad are stacked tall and proud inside a thick sesame bun. Specify how you want the meat cooked (yep, it’s that kind of burger) and then splash it with ketchup before tucking in.
Beach Rotana (02 697 9000)

Signature burger:
Big Mouth Old Timer
We’d prefer to describe this burger as ‘classic’ rather than ‘old’ (although we’re sure the marketing folks know what they’re doing). Anyway, it’s a simple, straightforward beef burger, served up with red onion, mustard and crisp, fresh salad. Nothing old about it.
Al Markaziyah (02 671 6300)

Signature burger:
Cooper’s prime beef burger
This bun is bursting with melted tallegio cheese, sun blush tomatoes, black truffle mayonnaise, tomato relish and, of course, a hefty patty of prime beef.
Park Rotana (02 657 3333)

Signature burger:
The Works Burger
The primary selling point of Fuddruckers’ burgers is that they’re made with ultra-fresh ingredients – no frozen patties here. And, secondly, that they’re huge. If you’ve got a massive appetite, try the half-pound patty with thick-cut hickory smoked bacon, grilled button mushrooms and cheese.
Al Wahda Mall Food Court (02 443 7538)

Signature burger:
The Original Thickburger
A stonking third of a pound of charbroiled Black Angus Beef served with salad, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, dill pickles and American cheese. Everything about this burger from the packaging to the flavours just pumps its fist into the air and shouts: USA! USA!
Abu Dhabi Mall Food Court (02 645 4700)

Signature burger:
Quarter pounder
A build-your-own number, you can add stilton, jalapenos, onion rings and a whole host of other tasty treats to the already colossal piece of meat.
Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi (02 616 6132)

Signature burger:
California Burger
Does adding avocado to a burger make it a healthy choice? We think so. A stylish stack of lettuce, avocado, cucumber, cheese, Pommery mustard mayonnaise and beef burger.
Yas Links Golf Course (02 877 1111)

Jones the Grocer
Signature burger:
Wagyu burger
The capital’s most popular gourmet café naturally has a suitably foodie take on the humble beef burger. It’s wagyu beef, with fresh salad and melted cheese. And served
on nothing so commonplace as a plate, of course, but rather presented artistically on a chopping board.
Al Muroor (02 443 8762)

By Time Out Abu Dhabi staff
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

User reviews:

Posted by: Burger addict on 09 May ' 12 at 00:15

To be honest this is the worst feature article I have ever seen. For a professional company like Timeout to suggest fast food restaurants like McDonalds and burger king is simply appalling.
This article was not useful whatsoever.

Posted by: tom Lewakowski on 10 Jun ' 11 at 14:12

My Daughter and I have taken on this challenge in a previous city, and when we saw this opportunity, we took on the challenge catching 11 of the burgers on the list. (Pass to Pepto Bismal)
First: We would like to recommend the new burger at Hemmingways, which for some reason was omitted from the Article. Perhaps the biggest burger I have seen in years, but quite well prepared and very tasty.
Second: Of the ones we tried, if people are not enjoying the experience at Jones the Grocer, then the Burger at the Y-Bar at Yas Rotana was our runner up. Served with a beer (which I think helps any great burger) it was cooked to order, so juicy that you need an extra napkin, and very tasty. Ask them to hold the mushrooms, which tended to overpower the taste of the burger.
Finally: I agree with whoever expressed the issue of McDonalds on the same list with truly great burgers. I have yet to eat at either Chili's or TGI Friday's without wondering what I ate for the next three days. Honestly, they should not be on the list of the top 20 burgers.

Posted by: Katie on 30 May ' 11 at 17:44

Tried the Jones wagyu burger - found it way too salty. Disappointed. It's quite tiny, which was fine for a small eater like me but probably would not be enough for most people.

Posted by: Rags on 29 May ' 11 at 10:51

Really?!! So we needed an Aussie company to come to Abu Dhabi and charge USD 25.00 for a burger?! At Jones the GROSSER, they put a lot of effort to only dissapoint you, with a realy bad ATTITUDE!

Posted by: Jason M on 26 May ' 11 at 19:06

I agree- the food and service at Jones is a load of rubbish. I had the nastiest gourmet burger there and the service was ridiculous..

I'm with Mirabel and Meat Co for best burger. Prob in that order too- because of the bun they make at Mirabel for me...

Great article by the way. Is there a place on the site to vote that I'm missing though? Would be good to see the final verdict..


Posted by: Ebby on 26 May ' 11 at 05:44

Ever tasted my homemade burger? The best Burger in town! :-)

Posted by: Firas on 24 May ' 11 at 15:52

i dont know if reallt this article is useful. I mean they named all the burger restaurants in the town.
You cant compare jfrozen unk food like mc donalds, burger king and hardees with restaurants like Meat Co. which is the best burger i ever tasted.

Posted by: Daniel on 23 May ' 11 at 08:44

Jones burger is SO overrated.. nice restaurant though.

bbq al qasr at emirates palace is the best burger i ever had in my life.. albeit at 160 aed its a twice a year thing max.

Posted by: Wafa'a on 23 May ' 11 at 08:19

Jones the Grocer has the WORST SERVICE in town!
Did you really went on Friday or Saturday morning and tried the breakfast? Whenever you ask for something on the menu the response will come "sorry madam already finished!" plus the bill takes ages to arrive.

I am not sure how you managed to set down and order a burger there!

For me the best burger is Hickory's followed by Cooper's

Posted by: Jeff on 22 May ' 11 at 07:50

I believe the Quarter Pounder at Heroes is the best burger in town; the cheifs there always cook it perfectly and they have so many toppings to choose from-- Love it, it's lick smacking delicious!

Posted by: Darren Ward on 20 May ' 11 at 15:32

I was really impressed by the burger at Mirabel. Simple and very tasty.

Posted by: Georgles on 20 May ' 11 at 14:54

For me the order is:

1. Mirabel Burger
2. Jones Wagyu Burger
3. The PJ’s Beef Burger
4. Shakespear Burger
5. Meat Co. Classic Burger

Posted by: Natasha on 19 May ' 11 at 07:23

This is an excellent article! Thanks for this.

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