Ramadan 2018: UAE private sector working hours announced

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Working hours for private sector employees during Ramadan have been announced.

If you’re employed by a private company, your work day will be reduced by two hours as directed by Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

We are still waiting on official confirmation for the start date of the Holy Month, but it is expected to fall on May 16 or May 17.

The UAE’s moon sighting committee is meeting in Abu Dhabi tonight (May 15) and are expected to make an announcement shortly afterwards.

The working hours for public sector employees has already been announced.

Their working day will be from 9am to 2pm during Ramadan, which is expected to end on June 14 or June 15.

Meanwhile, schools will follow a five-hour day for lessons during the month.

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Also this week, transport chiefs announced the parking payment structure in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan.

The main thing to note is that there will be free parking from 2pm to 9pm every day in the capital during the important period.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport said parking will be paid from 9am to 2pm every day, except on Fridays.

From Saturday to Wednesday, you’ll have to pay for parking between the hours of 9pm and 2.30am, while on Thursday it is between 9pm and midnight.

Motorists attending Taraweeh prayers will not face parking fees to leave their vehicle in the bays surrounding mosques while the prayer is ongoing.

Meanwhile, public bus services will stop between 6pm and 8pm every day within the city.

Although this excludes service number A1 between Al Zahiyah and Abu Dhabi International Airport, which will remain operational around-the-clock.

For more on Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, check out our dedicated website section here.

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