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Grant, can you tell our non-Aussie readers what Australia Day is all about?
For us it’s pretty much like Thanksgiving is in America, when a country unites to have a great party – and Australians are renowned for having a good time. Hopefully we’ll have a big party and all the expats will be out in Dubai.

Are there any traditions we should be aware of?
It’s a beautiful time in Australia. Most people would be aware of the expression ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ – it’s a barbecue culture. It’s just beautiful.

How’s the Aussie music scene in 2013?
It’s very, very strong. We’ve had a couple of huge festivals recently and we have Swedish House Mafia coming out next week, and we’ll be supporting them on all those dates. I went to Axwell’s wedding last year –
we’re good mates. When we started hanging out with them they weren’t superstars.

How do you and bandmate Ivan Gough work together as a duo? Do you disagree often?
I think if both parties love it, it goes out [on a record]. If you don’t both love it, it doesn’t go out. It’s a mutual veto policy.

How do you differ musically?
Ivan is a bit more progressive; I’m more house-influenced. We meet somewhere in the middle and continue to evolve.

Tell us about the name – it must be the least Google-able band name ever…
It really is! We had a lot of words spread out and we had ‘TV’ on one and ‘rock’ on the other. Someone said ‘TV is the drug of the generation and dance music is the new rock’n’roll’.

It really is. Do you think it’s going to stay that way, or will rock strike back?
I reckon in the next five years something will come through, a big rock band, or something like Skrillex and what he did with dubstep. It can’t just keep going with everyone stealing from the Swedes. I think [house] is going to go underground with more musical ideas, not just people jumping on a bandwagon.

You mean how every dance producer seems to be working with an R&B singer these days.
I think that will continue. Take Calvin Harris – he’s written some great records using R&B singers. They weren’t something that needed a voice, but they’ve been able to get radio play. You shouldn’t rely on an R&B singer to make a hit – you need the track first.

Any dream collaborations?
I’m going to hit on the Swedes when they’re over, to see if I can extract Axwell from the herd. We’ll just see.

Harking back to your 2006 breakthrough track, how do you like to ‘Flaunt It’?
When you come to gig, I’ll demonstrate it first hand.
TV Rock play Aussiedayze on Friday January 25, 5pm-2am. Entry Dhs50; ladies free before 8pm. Nasimi Beach, Palm Jumeirah (055 200 4321).

By Rob Garratt
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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