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Since their start in London 12 years ago, Immaculate Touch have come a long way. DJs Stew Moran and Chad Glass (aka Stew Magoo and ChadPhunk respectively) make up the team in Abu Dhabi and we caught up with them to talk about DJing, Al Maya Island and being an entrepreneur.

So you two are the driving force behind Immaculate Touch. Tell us more. How did you it started?
Chad: Immaculate Touch was originally started by one of our friends and the parties are now well known in the UK for their friendly crowds and quality feel-good House music. So far Immaculate Touch has held club nights in places all over the world and rocked dance floors at some of the best clubs around (Pacha, Cross, Turnmills, Egg, Herbal) we’ve also held legendary weekly parties (which went down a storm) in Marbella and Ibiza at the world famous Es Paradis and also the smaller Hush, not only that there’s also been club tours as far as Thailand, Morocco and Greece. Both of us felt that Abu Dhabi was missing out on the kind of party atmosphere Immaculate Touch provided so we decided that we needed to share the Immaculate Touch brand with the UAE so people can come and enjoy the music we play, enjoy the entertainment we lay on, enjoy their surroundings and party with like-minded people.

You guys seem to be all over the city, where can people hear you play? And while we’re at it, what’s your favourite venue to play?
Stew: We are both resident DJs at Relax@12 at the Aloft hotel and we’re also resident DJs and promoters of the Immaculate Touch Pool Parties at Al Maya Island. I’ve been DJing professionally for over 12 years now so there’s lots of great memories and favourite places that I have played. I used to DJ at the infamous full moon parties, on the Thai island of Koh Phangan so that probably ranks highest for me.
Chad: For me it has to be Al Maya Island where we are currently based for our Immaculate Touch parties. I was also extremely excited to be DJing with Stew at the Flash Forum on Yas Island last week when we warmed-up for Laidback Luke!

Clearly you’re both passionate, but what’s the best thing about being a DJ?
Chad: Being able to play the music I love in front of like-minded people, plus seeing a thousand people’s faces light up when you drop that ultimate track, the feeling you get is indescribable.
For me it’s that I’m constantly finding new music to enjoy and also, of course, that buzz you get from a good crowd reaction.

So it’s mostly about the crowd then. What has been your most memorable gig?
Chad: It was actually quite a small gig I did in Greece about six years ago when I got back into DJing. It was outside at the back of the main club which was always where people would ‘after party’ when the club shut. There was only about 150 -200 people there but they stayed until the sun come up. I walked away after the gig finished and thought this was something I wanted to take more seriously.

If you weren’t DJing what would you be doing?
Chad: Probably trying to be a bit entrepreneurial in some way or another. Although being an airline pilot has always fascinated me since a teenager.
Stew: Hopefully it would still be something to do with music or art, I started collecting music of the age of eight so it’s always been a passion. It took me another ten years to finally find out about DJing.

What is your favourite song to get a crowd started?
Stew: I always manage to get people moving with Afro/Latino/Brazilian styles of House, it’s usually a tune I’ve had in my collection for years. Danny Marquez & Ferry B’s Afrocatalans (Hardsoul Tropical) is a brilliant example, it’s got a great summer vibe about it, a real feel good tune.

Who do you admire in the biz?
Chad: From a marketing perspective you can’t deny the likes of Guetta and Tiesto are very much at the top their game, although I don’t enjoy what they produce or play. From a musical and personal point of view the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson are who I grew up listening too and admire, these guys were pioneers of their generation and without them we probably wouldn’t have House as we know it today.

Immaculate Touch has just kicked off again at Al Maya Island, what is so special about this venue?
Stew: You can jump straight on a boat from just outside of the city centre and within 15 minutes you’re on an oasis that most people couldn’t even imagine existed so close to your doorstep, you just don’t expect it on your first visit. The island itself is something that I haven’t seen or been to in the UAE, the setting is idyllic from the views surrounding the island to the private villas or massive swimming pool. It’s an experience in itself from the minute you board the boat for the party ’till the minute you leave. This is what makes it so special. It certainly has all the potential to be one of the top outdoor clubbing venues in the UAE.
Catch the Immaculate Touch crew at Relax@12, Aloft Hotel or on Al Maya Island, or visit their website:

By Angela Beitz
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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