Abu Dhabi video a YouTube hit

Time-lapse film attracts hundreds of thousands of online views Comments

A short film documenting life in the UAE capital, made and produced with minimal budget, has attracted more than 300,000 hits from online viewers.

The clip, Abu Dhabi 2011, was created by filmmaker Beno Saradzic, who pieced together 21,000 individual photos of the city in a technique known as time-lapse filming.

The result is a four-minute film documenting daily life in UAE capital that has proved a hit with online viewers.

“People have copied it to their website and their YouTube so I actually don’t know how many hits the film has got but I’ve had 300,000 hits just from my pages in a couple of days,” Saradzic said in an interview with Arabian Business.

“It was just a little experiment of what I can do and what the camera can do. I had no clue it would go that far and get me that kind of exposure.”

The film – made as a tribute to HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and late president of the UAE - was filmed over a period of eight weeks during March and April.

In addition to the photography, Saradzic also edited, produced and wrote the music for the film.

Check out the print edition of Time Out Abu Dhabi from June 16-22 to see our full interview with Beno Saradzic.

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By Arabian Business Staff
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

User reviews:

Posted by: Beno Saradzic on 06 Jul ' 11 at 09:04

I'm the fillmmaker of 'Abu Dhabi 2011'.

This film was uploaded on Vimeo.com and as of 6th July 2011, it has accumulated 537,500 views.
On Youtube, the film had about 15,000 to 20,000 combined views by multiple uploaders so this number is hard to check.


Posted by: Elizabeth Villagomez on 30 Jun ' 11 at 16:04

I love TIme Out as a publication anywhere in the world. You should check, like good journalists, anything that is said, even by the author of this film, THERE ARE NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HITS ON YOUTUBE FOR THIS FILM!!!

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