Fuel delivery service to launch in Abu Dhabi

ADNOC trialling service for drivers to fill up wherever they are Discuss this article

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Panicking about when the next petrol station will appear could soon be a thing of the past for Abu Dhabi residents.

A new app from Abu Dhabi National Oil Service (ADNOC) will allow drivers to order fuel to be delivered, in the same way you might order a burger through Deliveroo.

Call to Fuel is being tested on a select few people at the moment.

Once up and running properly it will give drivers the chance to whether you want Special or Super and a date and time you want the petrol brought to you.

You can then decide whether you want to meet the ADNOC driver personally, or if you will leave the car’s tank open for them.

ADNOC say they’re looking at numerous ways to improve the customer experience and some are being piloted with a small number of customers.

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