10 best things about staying in

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10 Sweat pants
Nobody likes going out as much as Time Out. Restaurants, cinemas, clubs, beaches and even (sometimes) gyms, are where we like to be. But, sometimes, a night in can be the thing you never knew you were looking for. The main reason for this is sweat pants. Or, if you prefer, simply your pyjamas and a fuzzy bathrobe. Ditch the skinny jeans and designer top, and you can enjoy the comfiest clothes known to man. The elasticated waist, take-away stains and general slovenliness are not for public consumption, but when you’re lounging at home, fashion gives way to function, meaning you can basically wear a duvet.

9 Binge-watching
We’re living in the golden age of television, so if you’re not spending a borderline unhealthy amount of time binge-watching series after series, you’re not just letting yourself down, you’re letting down an entire generation. Six straight hours of your current series is the precise reason why family-sized tubs of ice cream are sold. Streaming and on-demand services mean there are more hours of television you would love, than time to watch them in. Set some time aside to be on the couch and horizontal.

8 Control the guest list
The great thing about being out is that you never know who you’re going to bump into. The terrible thing about being out is that you never know who you’re going to bump into. Here are just six people you’re unlikely to see loitering around your couch: your boss, your ex, your least favourite work client, your friends who didn’t invite you out and your boring colleague who did, but you said you couldn’t do it.

7 Food delivery
The person who invented takeaways must have had the easiest business pitch in the history of commerce. “What I want to introduce is like a restaurant, but you don’t need to dress up and the food is brought hot to your doorstep.” It’s simply genius. Try the calorific one-two, and have one meal immediately after another. Have a Chinese delivered, and while you’re eating that, dial up a pizza and it will be there before you can slurp down your spicy noodles and say “obesity epidemic”.

6 Falling asleep is okay
When you fall asleep in a nightclub, everybody stops and stares, and you tend to see the photos of your snoring face scattered across social media the next day. Fall asleep on your couch, however, and it saves you having to walk to bed and means you are ideally situated for leftovers and even more TV the next day.

5 Save money
You have to really try hard to go bankrupt after staying in and reading a book. Nights out are when memorable moments happen. That’s just a fact. But stay in once in a while, and you can save serious cash. Whether that is saved for more expensive nights out later, or to pay bills, is up to you.

Fear of missing out is the biggest con since unsliced bread. It is a pressuring lie made up by club owners and restaurateurs to trick you into going out seven nights a week. If you stay in, then you won’t miss a single thing that can’t be explained in 140 characters or less.

3 Home is good
Home is your space. A refuge and solace from all that is wrong with the world. You get to be DJ, promoter, chef, decorator, stylist and master of your own domain. If you don’t like the décor, ambience or company, then you’re the only person to blame.

2 Important things
You know all those important things you’ve been meaning to do? The really essential ones that are important life admin, and you can’t call yourself a fully-functioning adult until you’ve done them? Think it might be the day to do them, instead of going out for the third curry and karaoke night of the month?

1 Anticipation
The more you stay in, the more you will appreciate it when you go out. Forget work/life balance, it is the boredom/entertainment balance that has the biggest effect on how much happier you will be on a night out. Without some calm before the storm, you will never appreciate the higher highs.

By Will Milner
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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