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27 Shake your coffee cup the Arabic way
The ceremony that surrounds drinking Arabic coffee is something absolutely not to be missed. Waiters pour the coffee from a golden flask, called a ‘fallah’ into a handle-less Arabic cup (finjaan). If you want a refill, the done thing is to shake the finjaan a few times before handing it back and you’ll be topped up. Pull this gesture off (casually, of course) in front of visitors and they’ll be extremely impressed. Arabic coffee is served the traditional way at Al Arish.
Al Arish (02 673 2266).

28 Imbibe gold
Buying gold from a vending machine? Yesterday’s news. Flashy types should head for Le Café at Emirates Palace, where you can order one of their special cappuccinos with a sprinkling of golf leaf on top. They’re only Dhs50 – a small price to pay for ticking ‘Drinking gold’ off your bucket list.
Emirates Palace (02 690 900).

29 Try Ethiopian cuisine
Sure, we’re always banging on about trying out unusual independent restaurants, but Bonna Anne is a real find. Authentic Ethiopian spicy stews and flatbreads are the order of the day here, and the staff are great.
Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi (02 491 2128).

30 Acquire a taste for dates
Not only should you learn to love dates this year, you should set out to acquire a connoisseur’s knowledge of them. The best place to start is the Fruit and Vegetable Market, where mountains of dates from Saudi Arabia, Al Ain and Tunisia are piled up next to each other. Vendors dole out samples freely and will tell you everything you need to know about the different varieties.
Fruit and Vegetable Market, Mina Port.

31 Gorge on truffle oil mashed potato
It’s our absolute favourite thing to eat, and we fully intend to get through a good more few bowlfuls this year: Bord Eau’s legendary truffle oil mashed potato. Order it. Eat it.
Bord Eau, Shangri La (02 509 8888).

32 Eat food prepared by a Michelin starred chef
Three Michelin-starred chef Juan Amador opens his new fine dining spot in February, the Amador Restaurant and Cellar. Want to try some seriously creative avant-garde cuisine? Book a table next month.
Park Rotana (02 657 3333).

33 Spend an hour in Jones the Grocer’s cheese room
Fromage fans in the capital discuss this place in awed whispers – the variety, the amazing smells, and best of all, the sampling platter. Don’t miss out in 2012.
Jones the Grocer, Mamoura Building, B Ground Floor 06/07 Corner 4th Muroor & 15th Street (02 443 8762). Other branches: Khalidiyah.

34 Snack on pani puri
Have a taste of Mumbai in Abu Dhabi’s backstreets, where a number of small Indian restaurants sell fresh pani puri from street-facing counters. These round, hollow ‘puri’, which look like oversized Rice Krispies contain a mixture that usually includes some combination of onions, coriander, chili, tomatoes, chickpeas, potato and tamarind. Terrifically tasty.
Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant, Electra Street (02 676 7361).

35 Eat camel pizza
The reason? Just so you can tell everyone about it when you eventually return home. Yeah, camel pizza, it’s an authentic Emirati dish, honest…
Olivia’s, ADNEC (02 444 6900).

36 Dine at TOAD’s restaurant of the year
We cross our hearts, you won’t regret a splurge at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse and Grill, there’s honestly nothing in the city quite like it. Bring your appetite (and a thick wad of cash).
Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr (02 654 3333).

37 Eat Lamb brains
Yep, you read that right. It’s a delicacy in some parts of the world and you can buy it beautifully cooked in many Lebanese restaurants across town. Go on, you know you want to – only needs to be once!
Al Safadi, Khalidiyah (02 666 0201).

38 Spend a fortune on gourmet grub
Get yourself to Gourmet Abu Dhabi, it’s the hottest food event of the year, and takes place across the city’s kitchens from Febuary 2 – 17. Check out their website nearer the time for details of the amazing menus that will be appearing in restaurants around town.

By Time Out Abu Dhabi staff
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