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Abu Dhabi’s Ten Top things cinema fans will know

Talking, eating, 3D arm waves and more things you only know if you are a cinema regular

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Conversations we dread

Chefs, haircuts, lifts, galleries and more awkward chatter

Lies we’re not believing anymore

Laptops in cafes, new roommates and late night shawarmas

10 sides you have to take

Children in restaurants, escalators, gyms, A/C and more hot topics

10 best things about staying in

Sweat pants, binge-viewing, save money, FOMO and more

10 people we love to hate

Cinema-talkers, queue-jumpers, reverse-brunchers, taxi-stealers and more public enemies

Be your own boss in Abu Dhabi

There’s never been a better time to work for yourself in the UAE

14 Abu Dhabi measurements explained

The maths of brunch, art, selfies and Abu Dhabi transport explained

Abu Dhabi feelings explained

Shock, superiority and a sense of doom you might find familiar

10 holidays we need to celebrate

Gripesgiving, diet-busting, a second birthday and Helpful Day

10 things you can stop doing now

Eating takeaways, paying for the gym, taking "selfies" and more

How to be ill in Abu Dhabi

Zombie apocalypse, expert opinion, hospital visits and computer viruses

Get a new job in Abu Dhabi

There are changes afoot in the UAE job market in 2017. Is it time for a change?

10 things that happen in every office

Cakes, cards, computers, clock-watching and air conditioning wars

Choosing your child's school curriculum in Abu Dhabi

Time Out has useful information to help you choose your child's curriculum in Abu Dhabi. Choices include American, Indian, British, Australian and more

Important information about working in Abu Dhabi

Here is Time Out's list of important information about working in Abu Dhabi, including holiday leave, salaries and maternity leave

17 New Year's resolutions for 2017

Clean your house, give up a habit, fight injustice and start a trend

10 food trends we don't like

Fad diets, fusion foods, photography and weird food challenges

Christmas traditions we secretly love

Secret Santa, takeaway turkey, festive onesies and more

Abu Dhabi number plate sells for Dhs31million

Number plate "1" sells for Dhs31million and it is not even a record


The Knowledge

Time Out’s 2017 Music & Nightlife Awards announced
Apr 25

The city’s best nights out to be revealed on May 23

Rock icons Europe announced for Abu Dhabi gig
Apr 20

Legendary band taking to the stage at Du Arena as part of last-ever world tour

Blue Marlin announces end-of-season line-up
Apr 18

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE unveils plans to ready Abu Dhabi crowds for summer with hot beach parties and international DJs


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