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Staying in for the summer

Just when Paul Clifford thought it was safe to get back on the sofa

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Top four Ramadan car deals

The pick of the best deals for new cars this summer

Ramadan around the world

See what people across the globe are doing during Ramadan

Adopting a cat in Abu Dhabi

UAE's cats are really just food-stealing ninjas in furry jackets

Guide to owning a car in Dubai

Finance options, driving lessons, licences and renting benefits

How to transfer your driving licence

Find out what you need and where to go to get driving in Dubai

Eid Al-Fitr 2015

Mark the end of Ramadan by enjoying a traditional holiday

Getting car finance in Dubai

Find out what you need and what to be aware of when considering car finance.

How to host your own iftar

Invite friends and family to break their fast at your home

Best Ramadan apps to download

Let your smartphone be your constant companion during Ramadan

Ramadan in Abu Dhabi explained

What is Ramadan, what is iftar and more common questions answered

Burning rubber

Will Milner ponders the particular perils of summer motoring...

Blog: How NOT to be good at golf

Alex Hammond learns the hard way that being good at golf isn’t all down to the equipment…

Faking it…

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Mark Dinning. He reflects on his first time at Cannes

Blog: Hosting in-laws in the UAE

Paul Clifford helps to ease his in-laws in the UAE

Iris Abu Dhabi band interview

We speak to the Iris band about guitar solos, musical inspiration and Abu Dhabi

Do you have a fear of spiders?

Melanie Smith's fear of spiders might stop a holiday of a lifetime

101 amazing 2-for-1 Dhabi vouchers

Get incredible discounts with the Time Out Abu Dhabi voucher issue

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Will Milner tries his best to be good, but he is running out of patience

Fishy business

Just when Mark Dinning thought it was safe to go back into the water


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Apple Music now available in the UAE
Jul 2

Find out what you can experience on the Apple Music service

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Jul 2

Speed through the night or Add spice to your night

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Jul 1

Get schooled in coffee or Catch a rolling iftar


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