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10 modern Abu Dhabi phobias

Rejection, humiliation, speed and missing out

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Dinner party fears

Nobody turning up, too many people turning up and uneaten tapenade

10 universal truths you should just accept

Supermarket queues, mucky motors, white shirt peril and more

Freezing your underwear and other bad ideas

Early boot camps, late night shawarmas, TV marathons and more bad ideas

10 reasons to start your own business

Long lunches, business cards, wealth and more reasons to start your own business

Quit your job, become a personal shopper

Certified image consultant Nina Iskander will help you dress to impress

Ramadan phrases to learn

Time Out has a useful guide of Ramadan phrases to learn, including what iftar, suhour, Ramadan Kareem, Marhaba and more mean

Custom cars (and motorbikes) in Abu Dhabi

Looking for more pizzazz on your Honda Jazz? Time for a motor makeover

Awkward moments you must avoid

Jacuzzis, taxis, galleries, handshakes and more awkward situations

Confessions of a coffee drinker

Mood swings, hyperactivity and the the joy of latte art

10 lessons you learn living in a skyscraper

Pool parties, rubbish chutes, lift life, balcony gardens and more

VIP tailor in Abu Dhabi

Get red carpet ready with an Enhanced Shirt Experience at Ascots & Chapels

10 ways to be a better person

Surprises, baking, tipping and more ways to feel good about yourself

Quit your job, become a… ring master

Great Vegas Circus ringmaster, Abel Suarez, tells us about heading the travelling show

Abu Dhabi conversation starters

A/C dilemmas, starter or dessert, new band names and more idle chat

Quit your job, become a… gallery curator

Gallery manager, Eleanor Smith, at XVA Gallery on the art of exhibitions

5 questions for Dame Judi Dench

81-year-old actress talks acting, Bond and climbing ladders

Ten tiny things that will make you very happy

Kindness, rain, free stuff and more simple pleasures to make you happy

Quit your job, become a… cookbook writer

Chef and Plated Heirlooms author, Dima Sharif, talks fresh food and heritage


The Knowledge

Ramadan begins in Abu Dhabi
Jun 5

Time Out reports Ramadan begins in Abu Dhabi. Details of the Holy Month were announced by the moon-sighting committee on Sunday

Time Out Abu Dhabi - latest issue
May 11

Get the latest information about Time Out Abu Dhabi - latest issue, which you can buy on Wednesday, packed with things to do in Abu Dhabi

Rihanna to perform live at Abu Dhabi F1 after-race concerts
May 3

Time Out has news Rihanna to perform live at Abu Dhabi F1 after-race concerts, as will The Chemical Brothers on Yas Island, November 25-27


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